We all love and hate America, don’t we? A lot of people have good reasons, while a lot of people simply have excuses. But there’s no denying that the existence of America, with its super weird and completely incoherent rules and logics, is something that stands out as a sore thumb for the rest of the world. So if you like to poke fun at everything American, I’ve compiled a long list of weird things that Americans do. Here’s your ammo. Have fun!

Weird Things Americans Do


Their obsession with the Kardashians

Guys, seriously. Why is someone as stupid and talentless as Kylie considered a role model by young American teenagers? All she teaches them is that in order to be rich and famous you have to:

  • Be thin and pretty

  • Be born rich

  • Be related to a porn star (Kim)

Are those really the ideals you want your children to be emulating?


They put peanut butter on EVERYTHING

Have you ever had a peanut butter sandwich on an average day in your life? Because your American counterpart definitely has. Which is kinda sad because all that palm oil needed to make peanut butter comes from deforestration of massive lands, rendering millions of animals homeless.


Sex in every second song

If you think R&B is sexist and misogynist, well, pop music is no better. Artists, like Bieber, Cyrus and Gomez who have a MASSIVE tween fan base, constantly make songs about sex, satisfaction, partying and drugs, thus proactively encouraging those impressionable young minds that in order to fit in society and be considered cool, this is what they have to do. Which is why…


In America, sex, drugs and parties are cool

If you’re not doing them, you’re an outcaste. And also why…


HIGH teenage pregnancies

And most of people are okay with this, definitely another one of weird things Americans do. 16-year-old pregnant girls? Sure, go ahead, have a child and ruin her whole life because the society places more importance on not getting an abortion than, you know, pushing teenagers with unexpected pregnancies towards education, encouraging them to get good jobs and/or become contributing members of society.


Their over sensitive nature

Every second word blurted is offensive and massive and Twitter scandals happen over the stupidest of things. Is XYZ sexist, homophobic or racist? I don’t know. Americans come up with newer and newer politically correct terminologies every single day of what’s okay to say, and what’s not.


Education is expensive

Especially if you want to go to college. No wonder so many students drop out of school. Now compare that to Sweden, Germany, and France where college is practically free. Wow, crazy America and crazy world.


High school proms

Why? Don’t your schools have better things to spend their money on?


Not accepting of breastfeeding

Like, why? Breastfeeding is literally the most natural thing a mother does for her child, so how is it not acceptable for the average American? Why is there so much controversy about it? It's just one of the weird things Americans do that confuses many.


No tax added on price tags

This is weird because literally every other country on the planet includes taxes on their price tags. That’s why so many tourists are so confused about pricing in America – it literally isn’t what it seems. Purchasing even the most basic items is a constant struggle for a non American.


Sweetening everything

Including the bread of original taste.


Wearing shoes in bed

Or is that just in the movies? Honestly, I can’t tell any more.


The World Series

In which only Americans take part. Self-centred huh?


The gun laws

I literally don’t even have to explain this one.


Red Solo cups

Which, by the way, are so much a part of the American culture that Country singer Toby Keith even wrote a song about it. Those red cups barely exist in any other part of the world.


Their insistence of using parallel spellings, pronunciations and vocabularies

Pharmacy/Chemist’s is a drug store

Shop is a store

Bathroom is a restroom

Schedule is pronounced as skedyool.

Vitamin is pronounced as vytamin.

Typical weird things Americans do.


Free refills and super huge glasses

Only in America.


“Optional” tipping

This is almost always not optional because if you do NOT tip your waiter for work that s/he is paid to do, you get such a stink eye that you’d rather die than face the embarrassment afterwards.


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