Foods high in sugar, especially artificially added sugar or processed sugar, are known for not being very healthy. After consumption, these types of foods quickly raise blood sugar levels. But as soon as those glucose levels rise, blood sugar levels fall, leading to the urge to eat more sugar. Natural sugar, such as fructose or lactose, is commonly found in fruits and dairy. They are healthier because they often come with added nutrients, such as protein or fiber.

If you have a craving for sweets, try to make some low sugar desserts. The following low sugar dessert recipes will “hit the spot” and allow you to eat healthier.

Low Sugar Cake Recipes

Click here to learn how to make lemon cake and chocolate pecan cheesecake!

Low Sugar Cookie Recipes

Here are the detailed instructions for healthy banana cookies and ginger cookies.

Other Low Sugar Desserts Recipes

Click here for the delicious sticky toffee puddings and melon & apple granita!

Tips to Reduce Added Sugar in Desserts


Focus on Fruit

Fruit is generally low in calorie and contains much needed fiber, in addition to being sweet and flavorful. Therefore, desserts where fruit is the primary ingredient naturally require less sugar. This is especially true if the dessert is baked or broiled, as the water content of the fruit can be heated off, leaving the natural sugars. Fruit can also be used in place of a sweetener for the preparation of low sugar desserts.


Get into Dark Chocolate

Another way to reduce the amount of sugar is to substitute dark chocolate (or bittersweet chocolate) in place of milk or semi-sweet chocolate. Dishes such as pudding, cake or cookies can be prepared with less sugar, but with even more chocolate flavor, due to the intense chocolate taste of dark chocolate.


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