Having waited a long time and enduring a hard labor, you will finally have your baby in your arms. She would be so cute, small and fragile and you would want to give her everything you have. As you prepare for the arrival of the baby, the newborn checklist below can help you determining the baby essentials that you must buy and keep at the ready.

Baby Essentials Checklist

                                                             Baby Essentials Checklist






Baby Gear

Baby Medicine Cabinet



  • Ÿ 6-8 one piece sleepers (snaps or zippers)

  • Ÿ 2 pairs scratch mittens

  • Ÿ 2 pairs new born hats

  • Ÿ 6-8 onesies (mix of long and short sleeves)

  • Ÿ 2 pairs stretchy pants

  • Ÿ 2 pairs hoodie jackets

  • Ÿ 4 pairs socks

  • Ÿ 2 special dress-up outfits (for visiting grandparents)

  • Ÿ 1 large blanket

  • Ÿ 8-12 receiving blankets (for swaddling and use as burp clothes or bibs)

  • Ÿ Dye-free, scent-free laundry detergent

  • Ÿ Bunting bag or snow suit (winter babies)

  •  Wide brimmed sun hat (summer babies)


1. Cloth diapers

  • Ÿ 24 pocket diapers

  • Ÿ 1 diaper wet bag

  • Ÿ 24 washcloths for wiping

  • Ÿ Organic coconut oil

2. Disposable diapers

  • Ÿ 2 boxes new born diapers

  • Ÿ 1 diaper pail

  • Ÿ Diaper rash cream or baby ointment

  • Ÿ Disposable wipes

  • Ÿ Petroleum jelly

3. Optional diapering accessories

  • Ÿ Change table

  • Ÿ Diaper bag

  •  1 diaper change pad


The bathing items are included in the baby essentials that you must have at your disposal when bathing your new born baby.

  • Ÿ Plastic infant tub

  • Ÿ 1 hooded towel

  • Ÿ 10 washcloths

  • Ÿ Baby wash

  • Ÿ Tearless shampoo

  • Ÿ Baby soap

  • Ÿ Brush and comb

  • Ÿ Rounded-tip clippers or nail scissors

  •  Bulb syringe nasal aspirator for suction of excess mucus from the mouth and nose of the baby.


The items are considered as essentials for baby when you are feeding him/her.

  • Ÿ Nursing pillow

  • Ÿ Breast pads

  • Ÿ Breast pump

  • Ÿ Milk storage containers

  • Ÿ 2-4 bibs

  • Ÿ 6-8 four-ounce bottles with nipples

  • Ÿ 6 eight-ounce bottles with nipples

  • Ÿ Bottle brush for cleaning

  • Ÿ Bottle sterilizer and warmer

  • Ÿ Infant formula and measuring cup

  •  12 Burp cloths


The sleeping items are included in the baby essentials that you must have at your disposal when putting your new born baby to sleep.

  • Ÿ Crib

  • Ÿ Crib mattress

  • Ÿ 2 mattress covers

  • Ÿ 2 fitted sheets

  • Ÿ Bassinet

  • Ÿ 2 fitted sheets for bassinet

  • Ÿ Pack ‘N Play

  • Ÿ 2 swaddle blankets or sleeping bags

  • Ÿ Dresser

  • Ÿ Rocking chair

  • Ÿ CD player or Tape

  • Ÿ 1 quilted mattress pad

  •  2-4 waterproof mattress pads

Baby Gear

  • Ÿ Infant car seat

  • Ÿ Stroller

  •  Sling or baby carrier

Baby Medicine Cabinet

The baby medicine cabinet items are included in the baby essentials that you must have at your disposal to make sure the baby remains healthy.

  • Ÿ Thermometer like rectal thermometer, plastic or digital thermometer or ear thermometer

  • Ÿ Measured medicine dropper

  • Ÿ Fever reducing/pain relieving medicine. Never give aspirin to the baby.

  • Ÿ Teething rings for soothing teething gums

  • Ÿ Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds

  • Ÿ Small gauze square for cleaning wounds

  • Ÿ Wound cream

  • Ÿ Small bandages

  • Ÿ Cool mist vaporizer if the baby has a cold

  • Ÿ Ricelyte or Pedialyte for fluid replacement during vomiting or diarrhea

  •  Infant sunscreen to protect the baby from being exposed to excessive sunlight


  • Ÿ Vibrating chair

  • Ÿ Swing

  • Ÿ Activity center

  • Ÿ Books for baby

  • Ÿ Teething toy

  • Ÿ Car seat or stroller toy

  • Ÿ 2 Pacifiers

  • Ÿ Baby monitor

  •  High chair


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