Everyone likes bacon and you might know that bacon has a tendency to make you addicted to it. If you are too addicted because of its taste and smell of cooked food then it is very exciting news for you today that we are going to discuss 6 things to know about bacon wrapped hot dogs. After reading it you would be able to cook bacon wrapped hot dogs just like in Los Angeles at your home. So let us find out exciting 10 things to know about it.

Is It Nutritious to Eat Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs?

First most important thing to know about bacon wrapped hot dogs before having is that if it is nutritious to eat them. Every food that is consumed is judged with amount of calories it is providing as well as carbohydrates and many other essential minerals those are profitable for our healthy body. You would be amazed to know that there is 36% of sodium present in one normal bacon wrapped hot dogs. 

If you are consuming it in a huge quantity and you should work hard to burn calories and saturated fat in your body because if you just consumed it then you have also provided 370 calories to your body as well as 40% weighted fat of it.

The Most Significant Place in Los Angeles to Find Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Los Angeles is most amusing and pleasant place for tourists and it attracts most of us because of its fine quality of food and nice scenario. The place is also famous for its best quality and taste of bacon wrapped hot dogs. You may also find gourmet hot dogs trucks where you may order any type of hot dogs available. Let us know that what the great places in Los Angeles where you can find Bacon Hot Dogs.

Dirt Dog – One of the Best Places to Find Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Dirt Dog is located at Figueroa Street, Los Angeles where you’ll find best quality of not only bacon wrapped hot dogs but many other dishes those will feel good to your tongue. You can’t even resist yourself to try the same dish second time. You would find best matching sausages those fits best with all dishes available there. Their best team of chief made it possible for it to become famous in the whole California.

The Dog Shack

A hot dog shop, located at Woodland hills, which is recognized as The Dog Shack is serving people with its best bacon wrapped hot dogs recipe. Their most yummy and loved cooking style is because of its creative toppings of truffle oil and kimchi is used. You will find their concept of hot dogs as the best. They provide quality service and very tasty hot dogs.

Dogtown Dogs

Another best quality bacon wrapped dogs can be found at Dogtown Dogs which has also implemented a concept of gourmet hot dogs truck. Different quality of bacon wrapped dogs and other foods are available here. You may select your meal according your lunch or dinner and price of each and every hot dog is competitive to other hot dog providers. You may also try to find other gourmet hot dogs service provider on the roads so that you may compare the taste or try new taste.

Preparing Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs at Home

Being in Los Angeles and trying bacon wrapped hot dogs is an exciting and amazing deal but what if you want to eat them now? Could you find someone nearby who can provide you such service? If no then let us tell you how to make bacon wrapped hot dogs at your home in very simple steps.

Simple Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

The hot dog recipe of cooking it doesn’t need to bring special ingredients and preparing it is very quick and easy so that in next 1 hour you’ll sitting in front of television and enjoying this delicious food with your drink. And if you find plenty of time then you may add the caramelized onions and your favorite topping to it. But before you prepare it we suggest you to keep hot dog casserole ready so that you may put them into it for long time freshness.

Let us see what you’ll going to need for making 3 bacon wrapped hot dogs at a time, because you’ll never be able to stop yourself to eat all.


  • Three hot dogs

  • At least 5 slices of bacon

  • Salt according to taste

  • 3 buns of hot dogs

  • 2 tablespoon canola oil

  • Ketchup, mayonnaise and ketchup


  1. First heat the oven first to 350 degree F

  2. Now wrap the three hot dogs with bacons according to the size of hot dogs and pin the toothpick through it to hold it together. Cover the hot dogs with bacons to hide hot dogs with bacon.

  3. Now start cooking the complete wrap in skillet and bake the wrap for about 15 minutes so that it could get crispy from the side you are baking. Then change the sides of bacon and cook the wrap from every side to make bacon crispy.

  4. Do not make it too crispy just bake it for 15 to minutes more so the whole process of making crispy will take around 30 minutes. After baking it make another skillet ready and coat pan’s bottom with oil.

  5. Put sliced onions in the pan with salt according your taste, generally we use one fourth tablespoon of salt. Bake them until the sliced onion’s color changes to light brown but don’t burn them. The process will take about 2 to 3 minutes if you bake it in medium low heat.

  6. Now take out the toothpicks from all hot dogs and use sausage, ketchup or mayonnaise according to your taste then wrap it up with the baked onions with the help of foil. Put the complete baked dish into buns and feel the best taste in the world and you have learnt bacon wrapped hot dog recipe. If you want to keep the prepared dish for long time then put them in hot dog casserole or in normal casserole.


You may find many places in the world where you can find bacon wrapped hot dogs but you should try it in Los Angeles which is famous for this delicious food. The bacon hot dogs are very popular among people those are interested to eat bacons. If you do not have time to visit Los Angeles for just this one food then try to learn more about Los Angeles you’ll find the most beautiful place on earth. You may also bake bacon wrapped hot dogs at home by using bacon wrapped hot dog recipe and try its taste. I

t’ll take mostly 40 minutes to cook and serve. If you would not like to eat just after baking it and you are saving it for future reference then it is our advice to put them in hot dog casserole which will maintain its freshness. If you want to serve the food to your guest and make them amazed of your cooking then you should cook this dish.


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