Who does not want to look prepossessing? The main thing which grasps your attention the most when you look at someone for the first time is their hair. If you have attractive hair you have stolen most of the attention. Earlier hairdo, hair color was not a cup of tea for everybody. But nowadays vogue is not confined to the fashion industry as it was earlier.

Bleaching hair is the latest trend which can do a makeover to your personality, but obviously it costs too much. Fed up of getting expensive treatments at salon to enhance your personality and want to know how to bleach your hair at home? Down there are some tips to stop frittering money and know how to bleach your hair:

10 Tips on How To Bleach Your Hair at Home

Genuine Products

Obviously you are here to know how to bleach your hair at home and are very much excited to get a new look. But before you dash towards buying supplies for bleaching your hair, make sure the products you get are professional.

A lot of products need to be purchased before you start. They are Cream developer, Bleach powder, Red gold corrector, toner, brush, bowl, plastic wrap, toner, purple shampoo, and do not forget to buy an extra package of bleach in case you need more. This is the very first step on how to bleach your hair.

Process Your Hair With Conditioner

As you are here to know how to bleach your hair you must have decided to bleach them, few days back. If you use chemicals in your hair it affects your hair. So to keep your hair healthy, start using deep conditioner the day you decide to change their look, as chemicals retract moisture from hair.

Allergic Reaction Test

This is an important step towards bleaching your hair. Though it is a little bit time consuming, but alerts you for any severe harm such as rashes. To test prepare a small quantity of the mixture and apply a drop behind your ear. Leave it for up to 48 hours.

If burning, itching or rashes occur at that place try some other product as this is not correct suit for you. With this step you have reached the second step on how to bleach your hair.

Prepare The Mixture

As you are on the next level of how to bleach your hair and cleared the reaction test, dash towards preparing the mixture. While mixing all the contents, make sure the amount of content required is taken in exact quantity as mentioned in the instruction. Once the mixture is prepared, it will turn bluish-white or blue.

Wear Your Gloves

Before you start applying bleach make sure to wear gloves and cover the clothes with an old towel to protect them from stain. Cover your neckline and hairline with petroleum jelly to keep your skin safe.

Get Started

Once you are done with the safety measures, move to the next level of how to bleach your hair. Garner some hair from the back of the neck and spray peroxide on them from roots to the end. Let it stay for half hour. After the mentioned time, rinse your hair and check if the color is same as you wanted. If all goes right follow the same procedure to rest of the hair.

Apply Bleach To Get Your Look

Just follow the steps on how to bleach your hair at home and get the look you aspire for. Divide your hair into segments and clip them. Select the section which you want to bleach first and apply the mixture from roots to edges. But make sure before you apply bleach hair should be dry.

Once you have started applying mixture on the strands, make sure they do not get together. Separate each strand using foils. While applying bleach, move from front to back it will make the whole process easier. As all the above steps are followed exactly, this is the time to move on to next tip on how to bleach your hair.

Application Time

To know the answer of how to lighten your hair, continue reading. Once you are done with application of bleach, use plastic wrap to cover your hair. As bleach starts working instantly after application, make sure to keep it for 15 minutes. To check if you got the color you wanted, take a strand and clean its edges with a towel. If you got the hue you wanted, then your application time is over.

If still you did not get the color you anticipated, leave the bleach for another 10 minutes. Continue till you reach the satisfaction, but also make sure not to extend the time more than 45 minutes. Now you know how to bleach your hair.

Rinsing And Conditioning

Once you get the desired color it’s time to rinse out all the bleach. Make sure to wash your hair with cool water and the special shampoo. Dry your hair and check if you got the expected color and then apply conditioner. If you are successful, then it is the last step of how to bleach your hair.

Need Of Toner

Some people are not happy with the color they get while other needs blonde color. Need to know how to lighten your hair; it is the time to apply toner to get that perfection. Mix the components as per direction and apply them on the hair by separating the strands and using foils to keep them apart.

Once the mixture is applied, let it stay for 15 minutes. Check it after 15 minutes. If the color appears to be the same as expected rinse off, otherwise keep it for next 10 minutes. Do not extend the time above 45 minutes. For those who used toner this is the final move to how to bleach your hair.

  • If you want to lighten your hair with the natural method instead of chemicals. You must go with the former choice, as chemicals harm your hair no matter how much you take care of them.
  • Get a haircut after bleaching them. Trimming can be useful to cut out the dry edges which would make your hair look healthy.
  • Before bleaching, make sure the color you chose suits your skin color. As now you know how to lighten your hair move forward and enhance your look.

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