Puberty in girls can in the easiest way be described as the period between childhood and adult hood in growth. During this period one experiences very many changes which if not pre informed might appear as very new and strange to growing teenagers. More often, girls reach sexual maturity faster than boys but eventually, you know, both sexes reach maturity.

Many if not all signs of puberty in girls show up because of secretion of hormones from the body at the puberty stage. Estrogen hormone in females is a very vital hormone in puberty and is responsible for almost all the changes that manifest during the puberty stages.

Signs of Puberty in Girls

There are very many signs of puberty for girls which include:

Increase in Height and Weight

At age 9 to 14 girls gain about 17% to 18% of their height just before the growth now focuses on the trunk. Six months before girls experience their first period, most girls experience the fastest growth rate of their life. There is a gain of both weight and height at this puberty stage. Body fat will probably increase in some body parts including the upper arm, upper back and thighs. As the waist becomes narrower, the hips grow wider and rounder. It’s to the teenager’s advantage to seek medical advice over diet and lifestyle issues at this stage.

Increase in Hair

Growth of hair around pubic area, on the fit and in the armpits is a very common and normal sign that manifests during time of puberty for girls. Some girls might experience before growth of breasts and vice versa, it just varies from person to person. Some teenagers choose to shave this so called unwanted hair but others choose to embrace it. When choosing to shave it is advisable to seek advice on choice of razors and shaving creams from trusted sources.

Puberty Breast Development

This is one of the most common signs of puberty for girls and is easy to recognize just from appearance. The sign manifest as early as age nine in some girls and at later stages in others. Girls can always start wearing training bras in preparation for fully grown breasts.


Cramps are caused by an increase in the production of hormones when one is going through periods and is a common sign of puberty for girls. Hormones cause an increased contraction of the muscles of the uterus. One might also notice back pains, fatigue, aching of the upper thighs and nausea among many others during cramping. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are just some of the painkillers that can be used to reduce and ease period pain at this stage of the girl’s puberty.

Mood Swings

Girls at this stage will most probably experience mood swings because there is a great surge in hormone levels. It’s among the early signs of girls puberty. Moodiness will increase especially at the time right before their periods. This is known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Premenstrual period may come with a couple of complications including anxiety, fluid retention, irritability and difficulty in sleeping.

Menstrual Flow

Girls in puberty experience their period for the first time. The first menstrual flow usually happens at the age of between 12 to 13 years. It can however take place a bit earlier than this or at a later age. Girls should learn how to equip themselves and be ready to handle it and being positive about it since it happens at every girl’s puberty stage. Immediate advise should be seeked from the nearest trusted individual like teacher, mother or elderly friend in case the period occurs unexpectedly.

Body Odor

During the stage of puberty in girls, the body develops large sweat glands around the armpit region, breasts and around the pubic area. These glands are known as apocrine glands. The gland release sweat at given times for example times of stress, emotion and even times of sexual excitement. Excess sweat can cause accumulation of smell and a body odor eventually at the girl’s puberty stage.


The bodies of girls in puberty become more sensitive to testosterone during puberty. Testosterone is responsible for acne in both males and females. It causes the secretion of oily fluid known as sebum under the skin. Dead skin blocks the sebum from coming out of the skin hence it accumulates under the skin bringing up white heads or black heads. It is a common sign of puberty in girls.

Hormonal fluctuation also causes an alteration in the skin acid levels thus encouraging growth of bacteria. Bacteria infect blocked hair follicles and eventually spots appear on the skin. Antibacterial creams can be used to treat this condition. This is just another sign of puberty in girls.

Hormone Levels

During puberty in girls, the levels of estrogen and testosterone are usually high and therefore a blood test would prove that. This will thus show that one is on the puberty stage by conducting a medical test. It is good to do this to kids especially as a concerned parent in order for you to give the best advice through the entire period of puberty. This is among the early signs of puberty in girls

Visual and Other Hormonal Changes

Puberty in girls comes with other hormone triggered changes which include thickening of lips and oral mucosa and the maturity and growth of the vulva. There’s thickening of the vagina and the vulva due to growth of the myepithelial layer and the smooth muscle of the vagina. Testosterone will cause enlargement of the clitoris, the vestibular bulbs and corpus cavernosum. This is a very common sign of puberty in girls.


Puberty in girls is a very essential and important puberty stage of growth among the females. It’s only after it that one will get to become an adult. There is a very high probability of experiencing changes that one might not have expected as a sign of puberty in girls. It is important for one to embrace this stage and be more careful and vigilant on what to do and what not to during the early puberty in girls. 

This can be best achieved by seeking advice from relevant sources like mothers, teachers, nurses, sisters and friends just to mention but a few. It is best to seek guidance from one you are very close to and can easily share what you are going through without feeling that guilt. It is just a stage like any other.


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