Eye cream is a type of moisturizer that is made especially for the eyes. The skin around the eyes is more fragile, more prone to dryness and ages quicker than other body parts. Therefore, this area requires more care. Even though we all know that the eye area is not the same as the rest of the face, there is no research that shows that the eye deserves products are different from those used on the rest of the face. Therefore, what you use on the eye, boils down to a personal individual choice. If the products you are using on the rest of your face do not cause irritation on the eyes, you may not see the need for an eye cream. However, if your eye area is the more sensitive type, you definitely go for the milder eye creams. That notwithstanding, eye cream is important for everyone. Here is why you should always have a tub of eye cream.

Why You Actually Need an Eye Cream?


Moisturizers that work for the rest of your face may not necessarily work for your eye area

As it has just been stated, the eye area is more sensitive and fragile compared to the rest of your face. In addition to this, it also has a lesser density of glands that are responsible for moisturization compared to the rest of the face. The skin in the area is also, obviously much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. The skin on the eye area sits directly on muscles that occur underneath the eyes, making it more susceptible to wrinkling. Therefore, a moisturizer that works perfectly well for the rest of the face may wreak havoc on your lash line and eyelids as the characteristics of the eye area and the rest of the face are essentially different.


The flaws on the eye area are not uniform throughout the face

Wrinkles and fine lines are flaws that you might find all over the face, the eye area included. However, puffiness and dark circles are flaws that are unique to the eye area. It is also important to keep in mind that the eye area is especially susceptible to these flaws. Therefore, the moisturizer that one uses should be able to resolve or hide all these issues. The moisturizers that are meant for the rest of the face might not be designed to resolve these unique flaws. For instance, a normal moisturizer might be designed to be heavy hence causing fluid retention and hence exacerbate eye puffiness. On the other hand, a refrigerated eye cream gets rid of puffiness in a jiffy. Regular moisturizers also do not contain ingredients meant to fight puffiness by specifically targeting weakened blood vessels.


Other moisturizers might be too strong to the eye area

You have probably come across a cream that is marked do not apply on the eye area. When you accidentally apply this moisturizer on the eye area as warned against, the results are catastrophic such as drying out of the eye area hence causing scaling, burning and stinging sensations or even reddening of the eyes. The reason for this that the moisturizers contain ingredients that are too strong for the eye area. For instance, sunscreens that are added to facial creams might be too strong for the eye area.


You have dry eyelids and lash lines

Every product has a feature that makes it stand out. For eye creams, that feature is that it is rich in emollients. Emollients are responsible for the softening and soothing effect that is found in eye creams. The area around the skin is drier for most people. This is especially worse for those whose skin types are oily hence they either do not use a moisturizer at all or use just a thin layer of gels or liquid moisturizers. This means that their eye areas probably do not get all the moisturization that they need. The emollients in the eye creams are excellent in providing this much needed moisturization.



Eye creams are one of those products that people tend to be indifferent about. This is because most of the people probably do not understand them. Although there is no research findings that garner for using separate eye creams and facial creams, it is obvious that the creams give much more benefit compared to just facial creams. Eye creams have emollients that soothe the eye lids and lash lines, they help to solve flaws that are specific to the eye area and they do not contain ingredients that are too harsh for the eye area. They have also been seen to actually work. While the younger people and those with totally uniform skin through their face may not see the need for eye creams, they are totally essential for everyone as with time, one notice issues that can only be resolved by eye creams.

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