It is painful to be deeply in love with a man who is losing interest in you. Have you ever dated a man who seemed to be in love with you but suddenly drifted away saying he was not ready for a long-term relationship? Did he marry the next woman he dated? If yes, then he was lying when he told you that he was not ready for a long-term relationship and instead he was just losing interest in you. Why does this happen for you used to be a very happy couple?

Why Men Lose Interest


You have different relationship goals

A man will lose interest if you want something different from the relationship. For instance, you may want a long-term relationship while the man is not ready to make such a commitment. The solution here is to ensure that the man you date is on the same page as you in the relationship. If your man wants something different, give him space, talk and work things out together. 


He does not feel the spark anymore

He probably did not feel the same spark you shared on the first few dates. A man even won't date a real beauty for long if he always has to try to find the spark. If the spark in the relationship is lost and both of you do not take action to fix this, he will lose interest and distance himself gradually.


He is seeing another woman

One of the reasons why men lose interest is meeting someone new. Your man could be seeing someone else but he does not have the courage to admit it to you. You can avoid this by becoming a cool and awesome girlfriend, which will make your man's eye glued on you. Do not push or pressure him too hard to stay with you forever. Hold onto him loosely but firmly and he will not think of someone else. However, if he keeps cheating on you after you two talk openly, you should walk away. It is not worth being with someone who disrespects you.


You did not admit your mistake

Being in a relationship does not give you the right to be a demanding jerk. You have no right to walk all over a man just because he told you he loves you. Men lose interest when women hurt them and refuse to admit their mistakes. If you did something wrong, apologize to him. He might not take you back immediately but it will change his perception of you.


You are always available for everything

A man will lose interest if you agree to have sex too soon and ask him to marry you on the third date. He will pull away the moment he realizes that you do not have a life away from him. You can drive him crazy by being mysterious in some ways.


You come off as needy

One reason why men lose interest is being too needy. Men feel good when needed but will walk away if you are extremely needy. Your life should go on in his absence and you do not have to tell him everything that happened when he is away. Do not drag him out of an important meeting to help you kill a spider. Contact him only when you have an emergency.


You do not fit in his future plans

Men are specific about the type of woman they can build their future with and are specific about the woman they invest in or entertain. Your man may lose interest if you have different beliefs and values. For instance, he will distance himself if he wants to have children while you were clear when you met that you do not want any kids. He may also leave in the end if you are an atheist and he values religion.


There is no fun in the relationship

Women consider a man’s ability to provide and protect them first before thinking about a playmate. Men go for a potential playmate and then consider how the person will challenge and complement them later. A man first falls in love with your femininity. You may desire a commitment from him while he is still enjoying the honeymoon. He may be interested too but he will run if you insist on a commitment when he is not ready.


You scare him off

Last on the list of the reasons why men lose interest is scary habits or actions. Your actions may send so many red flags to your man until he decides to run. For example, avoid talking too much about your past relationships or telling him how your babies would look like. 


You want to control everything he does

Men are naturally independent. They may appreciate your fashion advice but do not try to control their schedule. They do not like to give you a notice before attending any meetings or events or find their home redecorated without asking to something completely strange to them. They may not want their meals changed or their wardrobes rearranged. You can train a man by making slow adjustments in his world. He may lose interest if you always keep him on a short leash, change certain things too fast, or are too hard on him to change.


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