For some people, patriotism alone isn’t enough to join the military. For them, it’s pretty much a life changing decision and they need to weigh the pros and cons of their decisions meticulously. If you are thinking about this, here we get more reasons to be confident about your decision of joining the army.

Why Do You Join the Military?

For all you Negative Nellies out there who think joining the military could practically “end your life” (in more ways than one), you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here’s why joining the military is a good thing:


It’s like clockwork – irrespective of whether the sun rises or not, your life in the military will go on as scheduled, no exceptions. You have to maintain your grades, focus on your physical health and with every passing year, you will know for certain what remains in your contract.



It’s actually very, very comforting to know that you will have food, shelter and clothing for the next xyz years because your contract mentions it very explicitly. And really – what more could a young woman or man ask for, keeping in mind the existing economy?


Jobs in a poor economy

The entire world knows about the US economy, right? In an environment where there are high rates of unemployment, homelessness and increasing prices of living, it is wonderful to know that the military is always offering jobs for individuals who are physically, academically, medically and emotionally qualified. It’s really one of the best reasons of why join the military.


Character building

You’re taught from the very beginning that respect and obedience are what will get you along in the military. Then there are the physical drills which require a great deal of discipline. Not to mention the fact that principles, like honor, integrity and equality, are valued greatly among the military crowd.


Job skills

The military has lots of on-the-job trainings for all its cadets, especially those in certain trades. Not to mention that everybody who leaves the military leaves as a good leader and a mature individual, and exhibits good work standards. And guess what? Everything you learn/acquire there will be there with you forever.


Diverse culture

There’s a common saying in the military: “No one’s White, Black, Brown, or anything in between; we’re all green, like the uniforms we wear every day.” And yes, most people abide by this code, but all military brat will always swear by their code. The military has hundreds, if not thousands, more important issues to handle, and they would rather focus on them than the skin of your color.



A lot of people, especially new legal adults, are not sure about the reasons of why join the military, leave alone what they want to do in their future. But the military beats that out of you. After you’re done with your tenure, you will have enough knowledge and experience to prioritize your life, and head in a direction best suited for your interests.



The military has bases all over the country, and if you’re lucky, you can be stationed on an international base. Locations include Colorado, Washington, New York, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, UK, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. Even if you aren’t stationed internationally, your leaves permit you to visit locations you’ve never even heard of, and that’s pretty much the goals of every person who’s a traveller at heart.


Preferential hiring

Because let’s face it – military vets are heroes and society loves giving back to its heroes. So even after you’re voluntarily retired or your contract has expired, be assured that you will be given preference over other candidates when looking for a job as a civilian.


Social stature

Again, there’s no denying the sheer love, adulation and respect that military people enjoy among civilians. Your social standing too is higher than that of an average Joe. And once you wear the uniform, you have the ladies (or the men) swooning all over you. If patriotism is not enough, then this solves all doubts about why join the military!


Health and fitness

Physical fitness is part and parcel of being in the military. You have numerous physical drills and extra-curricular activities in sports, not to mention the fitness camps that immediately tell you where you’re lagging behind.


Medical care

Why join the military? Because it’s not just for you, but your family members as well. You’re eligible for full healthcare benefits, and if you stick through your job till the end, you and your family get those benefits even when you leave the military. Moreover, there are no co-pays, deductibles or monthly premiums.


VA benefits

Did you know about the military’s VA loan? In an expensive real estate market like America’s, they come in real handy. They offer you alternative ways that make it much easier for you than the average Joe to own a home.



Why join the military? Look at the pension. 20 years in the military mean that you are eligible to collect a pension, which happens to be 50% of your pay when you retire. However, if you serve 30 years or turn 65 years of age you can collect a higher amount of pension.


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