Lactose intolerance is a common health problem when people cannot take in milk, specifically lactose, and sugar properly. If you are doubting whether you can have it or not, don't look down on this article because we will shed light on the symptoms, causes of lactose intolerance and some home remedies to help you overcome this problem. 

An Overview of Lactose Intolerance


What Is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is widely known as a medical condition when people cannot consume some foods that have lactose properly. Lactose is actually sugar found mainly in milk or foods which are made with milk. After taking in them, you might feel sick or contract any other symptoms such as having too much gas, swelling in the stomach or diarrhea. 

According to many studies, this health issue is extremely common and can affect more than 60 percent of the world's population. Lactose intolerance is not severe; however, it can result in discomfort and even ruining people's quality of life if left untreated. 


What Causes Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance appears as the small intestine does not give enough enzymes (lactase) to help you digest milk or sugar (lactose). 

Basically, lactose tends to transfer milk sugar into 2 simple sugars, galactose and glucose, which are penetrated into your bloodstream through your intestinal lining. 

If you are suffering from lactase insufficient, lactose in foods you eat will move into the colon rather than being processed and absorbed. Normal bacteria in the colon can link with the undigested lactose, leading to the symptoms of lactose intolerance. 


Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

Symptoms of lactose intolerance can include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach bloating or abdominal cramps that can last from 30 minutes to several hours or even a few days after digesting foods. 

You should take a note that the symptoms can get severe depending on the following factors: 

  • The amount of lactose consumption

  • The level of lactase enzyme

  • The management of gastric empty 

Home Remedies for Lactose Intolerance

In fact, there is no cure for lactose intolerance. One of the best ways to solve this issue is limiting the digestion of milk, milk products or foods that have lactose. Do remember that lactose and milk are present in lots of prepared foods, including cream soup, pancakes, non-dairy creamers or sherbet. Before taking in any supplement, you should ask your doctors for the proper treatment and advice. Following are 8 top natural but effective home treatments for lactose intolerance.

Lemon Juice

One of the most effective home remedies for lactose intolerance is lemon juice. The juice helps treat stomach ache effectively triggered by lactose intolerance.

How to apply: 

  • Mix lemon juice with some warm water;

  • Add it to honey to enhance the taste;

  • Sip the mixture before eating.


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV helps treat lactose intolerance because it can potentially deal with some problems of digestion. Also, ACV is of great help in neutralizing dome digestive issue, along with stomach acid caused by lactose intolerance. 

How to apply: 

  • Combine a teaspoon of fresh ACV with a glass of water;

  • Drink it daily for several weeks.



If you are no fond of ACV or lemon juice, ginger can be the best alternative. A research has shown that ginger helps relieve some gastrointestinal problems stemmed from lactose intolerance as this healthy ingredient helps reduce abdominal gas and nausea greatly. 

How to apply: 

  • Have a ginger grated and put it in a cup of boiling water;

  • Leave it on for several minutes;

  • Mix it with some drops of lemon juice and honey;

  • Drink about 3 cups of ginger tea daily until your condition gets improved.


Yogurt and Cheese

When it comes to lactose intolerance, don't forget yogurt and cheese. In details, consuming some products such as cheese and yogurt in a proper amount decreases the level of lactose. Foods with high-fat content confer low levels of lactose in comparison with low-fat foods. Interestingly, fat slows down the lactose level occurring in each person's digestive system.

All you need to do is eating yogurt contained live cultures. You can opt for Greek yogurt that is loaded with less lactose. Frozen yogurt cannot be helpful as well. Another option is that you'd better consume high-fat cottage cheese and hard cheese like Swiss or cheddar cheese. 


Rice tea

If you are still seek for another good cure for lactose intolerance, then rice tea is among the best. To maximize its benefits, you should perform these following steps: 

  • Mix a half glass of rice with boiling water for 10 minutes;

  • Leave it on for a while until rice gets tender before stirring it;

  • Strain the mixture, grab the rice and remove water;

  • Wait till the water gets cool;

  • Combine honey with this solution;

  • Drink the tea two times per day until your condition gets improved.


Lactase Supplement

Lactase supplement can help alter lactase enzyme which your body cannot produce. Also, it aids in digesting lactose, hence, lowering the risk of contracting gastrointestinal issues. You should take the supplements when consuming foods with lactose. 

How to apply: 

  • Prepare 3 tablets of lactose and then eat foods containing lactose;

  • Mix the lactase supplement with milk before sipping.

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