Tough times have made us all a bit more cautious about whipping out our wallets on a whim. When it comes to spending with discretion, it's important to have priorities about things you think are worth the money, and those items or services that are not. Here are 11 things that I think are worth it.

Part 1


Your Well-Being

You don't necessarily need a gym membership to work out, but if it's the only thing that will get you moving, by all means join a local club. Exercise reduces stress and makes you sharper. And when you're grocery shopping, get your hands on healthy food that will keep your body working the best it can.



Consider education an investment in yourself and your career. Taking classes that can improve your sense of industry or make you think differently about the path you've chosen are worth your time and money.

Even if you're done with your student days, you can always keep on learning. Take a look at our seven suggestions for community college courses.


Well-Made Shoes

Saving up for a quality pair of classic, well made shoes is a smart move in my book. They'll last for years, especially if you take care of them and get them resoled when needed. Get a pair that goes with everything, and you won't need to shoe shop for quite some time.


Going to the Doctor

Your co-pay is nothing compared to the cost of health surprises. Keep your doctor's appointments to avoid future problems and live the healthiest life possible.

You can always opt for a Flexible Spending Account where you can use pre-tax dollars to pay for your co-pay for even more savings. Remember, to use up your FSA dollars before the end of the year with these ideas!


Home Maintenance/Repair

Ignoring a problem only makes it worse down the road. When something in your home needs fixing/cleaning/maintenance, do your best to take care of it as soon as possible.



We need insurance to protect us from paying even more money should the unexpected occur. At the very least, car, homeowners (along with certain incidentals like fire and earthquake), and health insurance are well worth their premiums.

However, keep in mind that not all insurance policies are worth the money. Check out these seven insurance policies you can live without.


A Sharp Interview Outfit

As I always say, your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset. You need a quality interview outfit to make the best impression and make you feel more confident — two big factors in having a successful interview.


A Good Haircut

You don't have to visit the most posh salon in town to get a good haircut, but spending money on a good cut will polish your appearance and you'll save yourself from having to pay even more to get a botched cut fixed.



Living to work is no way to live at all, so get out and see the places that interest you. There's no price you can put on memories and special experiences, but don't go into debt for the sake of worldly education. Spend and save wisely, and you'll have the means to make your dream trips happen.



Excursions like visiting museums and monuments serve as entertainment and they give you a dose of culture. It's easy to get trapped in your own little world, but observing other people's accomplishments can open your eyes.


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