The word ‘stress’ is the designation of a psychological illness and nothing else. It can come without any per-suffering to your body and no per-warning as well. Honestly, it is very common among human beings of all ages.

Stress could suffer a student of any class, a professional who belongs to any industry, political leaders, management leaders or even a family man or women. Stress is simply about worrying about your or yours future, based on past results and current calculation that may out of your control or hard to control; moreover, it demonstrates possible failure of your plans and calculation.

Yeah, it is about possible wrong with you, that is stress, that’s all. But when it comes to bring your stress down or manage how to deal with such situations of mind; I would simply say that it is as simple as to have stress, because it comes automatically, but can go easily with a little labor of mind.

As you know that stress comes by over reacting of mind, which imagines a possible scary situation in the near future or later; have you noticed that who brought stress to you? Your mind, because it shows or calculates only possible loss or wrong to you that makes you worried, which is all about stress on mind. If you ask your mind to show the second aspect of the calculation to escape from all possible loss or wrong, it will definitely show you the way to escape; here is the solution and departure.

To be honest, nobody else can understand your situation better, which is making your mind sick, nor can suggest you any better escape. Your mind will show you one of two possible ways either solution or the way to escape. In more simple words, if you can raise stress for you; you can also throw it away yourself, because, sometimes, you can’t help yourself to escape from a possible happening, but you can be ready to react better in such situation, that is only solution. Where a problem arises from, it also has the solution there. That’s stress management counseling.

Stress Management Technique

There may be some different solutions about managing stress, but I believe facing off the core problem find out possible solution, and that will cure your stress permanently. However you can choose any of these possible ways as given below.

Give some time to yourself

You should understand that time can cure every profound loss; so you can go with that and give yourself some time to understand the situation better, and then find out the best solution for yourself.


Go with music

You can also have musical treatment to cure your stress, because better music have positive vibrations with meaningful thoughts that take you away from any kind of conflicts around you, and land you in heavenly peace of mind. Which give you positive energy to face off the situation better. Though it is not about any special kind genre of music, rather it about whatever you like to listen to most. It may be old melodies, pop music, rock music, jazz music, religious music or anything else.



Involving in any kind of sport activity can take your stress away. It is most practical way to relax your mind. You can choose any of physically played sport.



The treatment of meditation may be the best of all treatments to put off your stress. You can practice meditation in the early morning classes or alone anywhere you like most. Practicing meditation on regular basis gives you a stronger strength of mind, firmness, resilience in thoughts, positive energy and so on.


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