When we talk about hairstyles for a round face, the focal point is to get an elongating look, for camouflaging that roundness of a chubby face. Puff hairstyle for round face is the most recommended of all. There are many known celebrities all across the world who have been opting for puff hairstyles. Here we have rounded up the best puff hairstyles to choose from.

10 Most Flattering Puff Hairstyles for Round Face


Puff Hairstyle with High Ponytail

You don’t have enough time to get ready and you are getting late, the only hairstyle that you can think of is a simple high ponytail. Add some style to it with a puffed crown. That bump on your crown is a definite help in giving an oval shape to your round face. 

Simply back comb your hair on the top to create a bubble of hair. Get it pinned tightly. Now gather all the hair in one grip and get it tied high near the crown of your head.


A Messy Puff with Low Ponytail

Just opposite to the earlier, for more festive occasions, get your locks messed up with a puff on top of your head. Leave some wavy bangs touching both sides of your face. The puffed-up style would add an elongating effect to your look and the bangs around your face would camouflage it, giving the impression of a slimming or oval face.


Puff with Side Parting

Add a twist to the traditional puff with side parting. Follow the simple steps. Divide your hair in two parts. Create a side part, like we usually do. Get the bigger side of your hair twisted in a side. You can choose to make a hair puff maker to create a well-formed bump. Leave the rest of the hair loose or tie them in a chignon style. It all depends on you. This hairdo goes great with formal dresses.


Puff for Long Curly Hair

Woman with long hair would love this puff hairstyle for round face. Curl your long locks to get a wavy look (you’re lucky if you have natural curls). Following the same procedure, back comb the hair in front or use a puff maker to create a clear puff. To add a touch of glamour, get your hair accented by some floral accents or highlights.


Puff Bun Hairstyle

For medium to long hair, this exquisite style is perfect. It promises a splendid look for any formal event. Many famous celebrities have been wearing this style elegantly. Separate a big part of hair to make a high puff from front to the center of the crown. Use a puff maker clip to get the required height. Get it secured with bobby pins. Leave a small section of hair in the front, which can be used as a cover to your chubby face, as the sassy side bangs. Leave the rest of the hair in a wavy style.


Glamorize Your Puff with a Braid

Pick a classy look for any of your special event with this fashionable hairdo. Braids are one of the trendiest hairstyles. You can glamorize your braids by pairing them with a puff. Create a puff of your choice (messy with front bangs or a well-formed puff). Get the rest of the hair in the famous fish-style braid. For more festive celebrations, you can add floral or bejeweled accents in your braid.


Puffy Pompadour for Round Face

A pompadour is another puff hairstyle for round face. This hairdo is also known by the names like quiff hairstyle or fox hawk hairdo. For the ladies looking for a messy but sassy look, and of course for an elongating look, a pompadour is another great choice. What we usually see, is a bump in the middle of the head with shaven sides (just like Miley Cyrus does), but you can try it with your long wavy locks too. Just get the teased top of your hair. Leave the rest of the hair loose or tie them in a classy chignon.


Simple Front Poof

A front poof hairstyle is one of the easiest and economical hairdos. A front poof is suitable from a school going to teen to women of any age. Separate an equal amount of hair from the front of your head. Grip them firmly, twist them slightly and push forward a bit. As you push these twisted hair, they will grow into a puff. Set the length according to your will. And fixate them well with 2 to 3 hairpins.


Retro Style Puff

Puffs are retro and they look fab with this retro appeal. It promises a classy look when tried in some retro theme ceremony. A retro puff can be given a glamorous touch by adding some fashion accessories like a head band or a flower, in a typically retro style. Start it by teasing your hair at the crown area or do it by inserting a bump in it.  Leave the curls open and don’t forget to accessorize it!


Puff with Braid and Ponytail

If you are looking for a more decorative puff hairstyle for round face, combine three different styles in one. A puff, a braid and a high ponytail. All of them look fabulous together. Use a puff hair clip to create a simple puff at the top of your head. Form braids on both sides of your head and get it all secured in one sleek and stylish ponytail. There you go!


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