Those of us who lack in the luscious locks department know what it means to be left out of every hair trend in history, have your hair fall flat before you’ve even left your bathroom, and somehow end up with grimier hair after shampooing. You’re of the thin hair persuasion, and suffer from major hair envy every time an Herbal Essences commercial strikes. Here are things only women with thin hair understand:

  • You can’t skip a shampoo. Like, ever.

  • You basically have carpal tunnel from twisting your hair tie over and over and over…

  • Every hair product you own says “Volume” on it.

  • When girls complain about having thick hair, you end up all…

  • You can’t wear pigtails because there literally aren’t elastics small enough.

  • You don’t bother curling your hair, because you only have enough hair for one curl.

  • And you’d have to use an entire can of hairspray for it to hold.

  • You hold the record for world’s tiniest topknot.

  • Once you put a hat on, there’s no going back.

  • You fear one day becoming the first 30-year-old woman with a combover.

  • Your hair reacts to a slight breeze like it’s a tornado.

  • Your hair’s dry before you’ve even stepped out of the shower.

  • Your hair’s not thick enough to accomodate the hair extensions that would make your hair thicker.

  • When you finally think you’re having a good hair day, that’s when you’ll bump into a picture of Blake Lively.

  • All backcombing does is lead to hours of frontcombing.

  • Putting your hair up for a few seconds will leave a kink in your hair you’ll basically be stuck with for the rest of your life.

  • That thing where people are like, “Wow, your hair’s so thin!” Yeah. Thanks.


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