Every girl out there likes to be attractive and seductive. If you are one of them then lip biting is the most prompting body language that can make you look even more seductive. It is not just an act instead it is an art to perform to be hottest and sexiest among others. Before performing this highly effective way to be seductive one should first know that, what are the basic simple techniques to perform it?

Prepare Them Before You Use Them

The most important thing before you do lip biting is to make them attractive and glowing. Lip biting attracts attention of anyone towards your lips so you can understand the need of charming lips. It hardly takes 10 minutes of daily routine to make lips shiny every day. Following point may be consider to make lips very attractive:

Take Care Of Teeth

You should first take care of your teeth, if they have got any decay or cavity then fix them first otherwise whole impression would ruin. Teeth and lips are necessarily noticed by people while lip biting this is why you need to make them crystal clear.

Remove Dead Skin

Remove the dead skin from your lips, this you can do with the help of moisturizer, by applying cream or a scrub for 2 minutes, rub it and then removing them with the help of wet towel. It helps you in performing sexy lip biting.

Use Hygienic Cream

Use a little lip balm or your favorite hygienic cream so that your lips would become silk smooth. It also increases sensitivity of lips that would please you more and makes you more seductive at the time of lip biting kissing.

Only Use Quality Lipstick

Use a quality lipstick or lip-gloss after applying a lip balm. This increases glow of your lips and adds more seductive nature in your looks. The time when you perform lip biting people wouldn’t be able to stop staring at you. But take care of not using sparkle on your lips; it may attract attention but leaves very sharp impression of your personality which is completely wrong.

Check Your Face Expressions As Well As Posture

Straight posture and confidence not only improves your personality but it also helps you to come into spotlight which boosts up your confidence. Lip biting if performed with right expression on right time leaves a very seductive impression on anyone. There are following four things that is to be considered for performing lip biting:

Check Eyes Expression

Sparkling eye with triangular looks add much more seductive look to your face and also helps in changing lip biting into sexy lip biting.


Intensity of Lip Biting

Consider lip pouting in very seductive way but intensity should be according to you point of consideration, if you want to look more sexually attractive then increase the intensity of lip biting.


Lip Biting While Kissing

If you want to increase passion in your kiss then best way is to add sexy lip biting in your kiss. Lip biting while kissing increases passion of your kiss and leaves a great impression on your mate.


Performance Matters a Lot

The most important thing that needs to be considered while performing lip biting kissing is that the person must try to perform it in a sexy way and if necessary then add intensity by pressing lips a little harder by teeth. Bite them with a great comfort and increase intensity with time.


Lip Biting Habit

It is common to bite own lips in free time or when you are thinking ideally about something. If it is not about getting more seductive and still you are biting them then it could result in a bad habit. Sometimes the lip biting habit becomes irritating if you are doing it in front of your colleagues, coworkers, seniors or interviewer.

How to Quit Habit of Lip Biting

If you have also developed lip biting habit and if it is becoming your hobby then you should consider quitting the habit. If you want to know how to stop lip biting, then following three points will help you.

Notice Occurrence of Habit

Judge your emotions that when you eagerly need to bite your lips such as when you feel nervous, when you do not have any work to do or when you think about something deeply.


Divert Your Mind

Utilize your time while you are free so that lip biting habit doesn’t become your hobby. Concentrate on not to lip bite when you are doing any work. Use lip balm or your favorite nourishing cream on your lips and do not eat it.


Not to Presume Much About Looks

Consider it as you are not looking very sexy if you perform it all the time. You should know that every action done repeatedly looks odd. Self check is the best way that how to stop lip biting.

Products Help You Getting Sexy Lips

If you want to perform lip biting while kissing then you need to take an extra care of your lips as well as your mouth. Following three products you should use before lip biting while kissing:

Fresh Breath by Mouth Wash

Mouth Wash is very important to use before kissing. No one likes a stinking mouth. You must clean your teeth and use a best quality mouth wash available so that you can perform lip biting comfortably.


Lips Softening Scrubs

Dead skin removal scrub makes your lips sensitive and soft, you may use homemade scrub by adding sugar in cream base.


Lips Nourishing Cream

Lip balm or your favorite nourishing cream increases health of your lips. Soft smooth and glowing lips are the most attractive part of face. Taking care of it will increase seductiveness while lip biting.



Lip biting can make you more seductive if it is performed in specified way. If you perform lip biting while kissing then it adds up more intensity to your kiss. Biting you lips all the time will not help you to increase attractiveness instead it may ruin your impression. Sometimes it becomes necessary to express the seductive feeling with the help of expressions at that time lip biting helps a lot.


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