Talking with your best friend is easy, that’s one of the reasons you’re BFFs. Yet when it comes time to express some real emotions about your relationship, talking may not seem like the right way to express your feelings. There are some occasions, like a birthday, a wedding, a divorce, or other moments in life when writing a letter to your best friend may be more meaningful and concrete. You can say what you’re thinking without interruption and, unlike face to face conversations, you can edit your words until they say exactly what you want to express. You don’t have to get it perfect on the first try. Here are some examples of best friend letters that may help you get started writing your own.

Sample Letters to Your Best Friend


A Birthday Letter to Your Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

Today I am celebrating not only for you but for me as well. This is the day you were born, the day you came into the world destined to be my best friend. I know it was destiny because no one else could take your place and fill that special niche.

I never tell you enough how much I appreciate you being in my life. Thank you for honoring our bond even when we are far apart, for never letting distance, work, or other time consuming issues eat away the ties that bind us.

Thank you for being you, your wacky, zany self and making me laugh even when I wanted to cry. Thank you for tolerating my quirks and for always being ready to defend and support me. Most of all, thank you for making memories with me to last a lifetime.

I love you, my friend! Happy birthday!


A Goodbye Letter to Your Best Friend

To My Best Friend,

I never dreamt the day would come when we would part. You’ve always been there for me and I’ve always tried to be there for you. Remember the nights we sat and drank wine or ate ice cream as we dissected some man who had hurt one of us? Remember how many times we laughed until we cried, the times we hugged and danced, the secrets, dreams, and fears we shared?

Now you are going away but you are not leaving my heart. No separation can destroy our friendship, no time zone disconnect us. I am so grateful we live in this modern age where distance disappears through technology. We’ll skype, text, and Facebook each other, so our lives stay connected and our friendship remain unbreakable. As you start your life someplace new you may feel scared or overwhelmed, but you got this, girl. I know how strong you are, and if you forget, I’ll be right here to remind you. I am your best friend forever and a day.


A Letter to Your Best Friend After a Fight

To My BFF,

Even though we don’t always see eye to eye, I can’t let anger tear apart our friendship. It means too much to me. We are both stubborn humans and may lose our tempers and say some hurtful things, but those momentary glitches can’t destroy all we’ve shared together. The bond is too strong. So even though we may yell and scream, call each other nasty names, and swear to never speak again, we’re destined to be best friends forever. You’re stuck with me, my friend, and that will never change no matter how many arguments we may have.

Writing a letter to best friends may sound silly when you talk to them almost every day anyway, but it really is a great way to tell them how you feel without having to try and find the words you need instantaneously. Even more importantly, it gives them something to hold on to, some tangible validation of how important they are to you. That’s one letter they will probably never throw away but will hang on to and treasure forever.


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