One of the greatest joys in life is friendship. We share our hearts with friends. Friends understand and accept us just as we are. Friendship is a greater gift when you find it in someone of the opposite sex. However, falling in love with a friend can be challenging. It is an exciting but frightening barrier to friendship. And many wonder "What do I do when I fall in love with my best friend"? Read on and learn how to deal with this situation.

What Happens When You Fall In Love with Your Best Friend?


Your friend may feel the same way

It is possible that your best friend is in love with you too, which is the best outcome. You can start a passionate romantic relationship immediately. However, you must be sure that you are in love with your friend and not just infatuated or looking for some fun. Otherwise, you will end up hurting your friend and yourself. Do not do anything about your feelings until you are sure you are in love.


Your friend may not feel the same way

Falling in love with your best friend is not a guarantee that your friend will also fall in love with you. Chances are that your friend does not feel anything more than friendship. Consider this possibility before talking about your feelings. Determine your response to this outcome. Will you be willing to continue with the friendship? Can you handle not sharing your feelings if he or she is not interested in anything more? In this case, you may need to take a break from the friendship to handle your feelings; this requires a talk between you two, no matter you make a confession or make up excuses for your withdrawal.


Your relationship is likely to change

If I am in love with my best friend and share my feelings, will our friendship remain the same? No, your friendship will never be the same whether your friend feels the same way or not. The relationship is more likely to change if you hope that he or she would return your feelings. For the better, your friendship may evolve into sweet relationship; or you may stay friends with some awkwardness in between; or, the worst, you may gradually go on separate ways, especially if you're too passionate. 

However, a good friend will help you get through it with a good attitude, which may bring the fourth outcome -- a better and stronger friendship. His or her sweet personality could be the reason he or she is your best friend at the beginning. 


Find the best timing to confess

Timing is among the greatest challenges you will face after realizing you have fallen in love with your best friend. Chances are that one or both of you are in a relationship. The scenario is easier on your part because you can break off your current relationship if you want to. However, you cannot control his or her decision. 

If you want to make a confession, wait until your friend ends his relationship. If he is not serious about the relationship, you can talk about it sooner but carefully. However, bear in mind that your friend might not be ready for a long-term relationship with you even if he is planning to end his relationship.


Ask for help from a mutual friend

If you cannot tell how your best friend feels about you, ask a mutual friend to find out on your behalf. Do look for a friend that both of you can trust and feel comfortable to be together with. By doing this, you can find out the truth without getting involved directly and avoid any awkwardness involved.


Take it out gently

If you think you have a chance with your best friend, talk about romance when both of you are relaxed. Alcohol may calm your nerves but is not advisable in this situation, because you may lose control over the moment you talk about your feelings. Instead, consider a relaxed environment with many distractions like an arcade or a coffee shop. Bring up the issue of relationships casually and observe his or her response. For example, ask for his or her opinion on falling in love with someone close. If your friend is interested, he or she will give positive answers. If not, consider moving on to someone else.

How Does It Feel When Friendship Evolves Into relationship?

Friendship and relationship are just one step away. Then, you must be wondering "how it feels if I am in love with my best friend and we end up in a relationship"? Know those sweet feelings here.

You know everything about each other

You know each other's past, dating habits, family, preferences, dislikes and so much more. So you know how to get along happily. Besides, secrets, which destroy relationships, will not be part of your life if your friendship evolves into love.


Your family has already approved

Your family knows your best friend well because he or she has been in your life for a long time. They may have even thought you were in love before. If your parents approved your friendship, they will approve your relationship.


You have many mutual friends

One of the best things about turning a friendship into love is that you do not need to join a new group of friends. You have no worries about whether his or her friends like you or not. 


You are allowed to be stupid

It is possible that you have been friends because you both enjoy doing bizarre stuff. You have similar interests and have done lots of fun things together. When falling in love with your best friend, you can do whatever you want without the fear of being considered weird or stupid.


Your best friend knows what to say to you

During that long time as friends, your best friend knows what cheers you up when you are sad, what calms you down when you are anxious, and what brings you to reality when you are more than excited.


You have someone to comfort you always

"If I fall in love with my best friend, can I still turn to him for comfort as before?" You do not have to think twice about opening up to your best friend and your partner. Be yourself, say what you want to say, and dress up the way you want. Most importantly, your best friend never judge.


There is no pressure to impress your love

Your friendship indicates that you adore each other. Your relationship will not have the pressure of dating, putting on makeup, or dressing up to impress each other. You can just do what feels natural and follow your heart.


You have many stories to tell your grandchildren

When you are old, you have many things to share with your grandchildren, like the silly things you did together, your fights and reconciliation, the pranks you pulled on others, and your sweet love story. The security and compatibility in your relationship will inspire them.


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