When it comes to how to wear red lipsticks, there are a number of factors you should put into consideration. Things like the color of your skin, the dress you will wear to that occasion, other makeup you wish to apply along with the red lipsticks must come into play. It is important you wear it right and effectively to get the best beauty results. There are different shades of red and you have to ascertain which one fits your skin the most and know which other makeup and fashion accessories should go together with the shade you have chosen.

How to Wear Red Lipsticks 3 Things You Must Know


Choose the Right Formula and Shade


  • l A real red goes with fair skin

  • A coral red goes with beige skin

  • A brick red goes with medium skin

  • A red with pinky undertone goes with olive skin

  • A purple-red goes with chocolate skin

  • A cherry red goes with coffee skin


Learning how to wear red lipsticks without learning the right formula can never produce the desired beauty effects.

  • A lusterless red. The most available classic look. Lusterless lipsticks last for a very long time and does not fade easily, which makes them most ideal for a long concert night or a long day at work.

  • Glossy red. Glossy red is most perfect for a modern red appearance. Glossy reds these days, are designed to add a touch of sophistication to your lips. Put it on a stand-alone lipstick color, or apply it over a lusterless shade for a longer effect.

  • A stain. In today's makeup world, lip stains are known to be the most up-and-coming trend. They are mostly gloss/lipstick hybrid that leaves a stain on your lip with a lusterless touch for about 12 hours. The negative thing about them is that their removal is quite difficult. A lip stain can be one ultra-long wear substitute for the conventional lipstick.

  • A red colored moisturizer. Test the lipstick waters first using a red colored moisturizer before plunging headlong into full-on lipstick application. These balms are colored enough to give your lips that conventional rouge they get from red lipsticks. They are a bit translucent and quite easy to remove. They often have a very slight glossy finish.


Apply With a Touch of Class

Different experts that have written on how to wear red lipsticks came up with the following instructions on perfecting your application skills.

  • Get your lips smoothened out. Remove all dead skins from your lips using a sugar scrub, and then apply your best moisturizer. Once you smoothen and soften your lips first, your lips will look better with red lipsticks.

  • Use a highlighter to outline your lips. This is always an attention grabber for your lips, it also differentiates your skin color from your red lips.

  • Add a lip liner. If you wish for a bigger lips, light the outside of your lips very slightly. Use a reverse liner. It is quite clear and it helps you get your lips outlined to ensure the lipstick neither bleeds nor runs.

  • Apply your lipstick. Add a very smooth, coat of lipstick to the total area of your lips. Apply directly from the tube, or make use of your lip brush for better application. Always pucker your lips slightly to give your lips' soft center better exposure. This area is often neglected.

  • Get rid of excess lipstick. You can avoid lipsticks on your teeth by keeping a tissue paper between the lips and gently press them together. Alternatively, you can also get your index finger pressed gently on your mouth and gently move the finger around. This simple exercise will remove excess lipsticks that would have smeared on your beautiful teeth. Pat a concealer across the lips if have no lip liner.


Wear Your Lipstick Perfectly

You can't talk of how to wear red lipsticks perfectly without the following tips.

  • Keep very other makeups light. Maintain a very neutral eye with a soft skin for the most elegant look.

  • Often check your lipstick and reapply them whenever necessary.

  • Choose your clothing accordingly. When on a black outfit, a red lipstick will always give you a great look. Red is also appropriate with most cute evening gowns, as well as jeans with leather jacket to give you a trendier look. It goes well with very simple ballet flat shoes, on a black or brown outfit, added with a leopard touch like a scarf. Just make sure you do not overdo the animal print when wearing your red lipstick, which is one big fashion crime you should avoid. Additionally, when wearing sweats, do not leave home with your red lipsticks, just put some gloss to maintain a simple look.

  • Put all pinks away.

  • Ensure you have a clean and pretty white teeth for an enhanced beauty effect.



By applying the right ways, you can confidently wear your red lipsticks and be a sexy queen.


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