If you’ve ever heard a strange ringing noise in your ears, you’ll know how irritating it can get. Unfortunately, even though we’ve advanced so much in the field of science and medicine, we still are not clear as to why we hear this ringing. A limited understanding of the phenomenon has resulted in a fairly accurate list of things you can do to stop ringing in the ears.

How to Stop Ringing in the Ears


Know the duration of the ringing

First, you need to understand how long it is that this ringing can last. That completely depends on the reason behind that ringing sensation. If your ringing is accompanied with muffled noises, then this is due to your ears being exposed to high levels of noise pollution. In such a case, the ringing can fade away anywhere between a couple of hours to a maximum of 48 hours. If your ringing is due to, say, wrong medicines or stress, then it may take up to 15 days to go away. In extreme cases, it can take up to 6 months for the ringing to completely go away. But it won’t result in a hearing loss, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Create distractions

Now this might be like a “DUH!” moment for a lot of you, but let’s be honest – distractions weren’t the first thing you would have thought of, right? For example, if you’ve been listening to loud or heavy music for some time, switch to softer music, like Chinese bamboo flutes, Zen or meditation compilations or even Elvish music (all available on YouTube). And while you’re at it, lower the volume enough that it’s loud enough for you to hear but low enough for it to not give you a headache.


Clean your ears

How to stop ringing in the ears? Just clean your ears regularly. That’s right. Sometimes, simply getting rid of the wax buildup in your ears can get rid of that pesky ringing.


Double check your meds

Sometimes, the ringing in your ear can be the side effects of certain medicines you’re taking. If that is the case, talk to your doctor first and come up with a solution that will help you continue with your medication like with a different brand. The most common culprits are listed below:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like Naproxen or Ibuprofen

  • Certain antibiotics like doxycycline, ciprofloxacin or tetracycline

  • Cancer drugs like cisplatin or vincristine

  • Anti-depressants like clomipramine, amitriptyline and imipramine.

  • Antimalarial drugs like quinine and chloroquine


Pay attention to sinus infection

The thing with a sinus infection is that your entire head gets affected – eyes, ears and cheeks – you experience pain anywhere and everywhere. Consult a doctor if you believe this is the key to solve the issue of how to stop ringing in the ears for you.


Soothe anxiety and stress

Now the science is still out on this one, but if none of the mentioned solutions worked for you, then maybe the ringing is your body’s response to stress or excessive anxiety. The thing is, under duress, the human body goes into fight or flight mode, and the body gives several reactions to the situation in order to keep your body alert and sharp. A ringing in your ears is one of those reactions; it literally won’t let you live your life in peace. So if you’re stressed, try meditation, getting more sleep and a healthier diet.


Lower the volume

Again, duh! If the music’s too loud and your ears are ringing, don’t be stubborn. Lower the volume. If you’re at a concert or live performance, step out for a bit. Let your ears relax. And from the next time on, wear earplugs to such places, just to be safe. And stand in the exact opposite direction of those huge ass speakers at the concerts.


Get your teeth checked

Have you heard of temporomandibular joint? Probably not. It's a disorder that can result in pain in your jaw, as well as a loud ringing in your ears, whenever you eat your food or talk animatedly. Get your teeth checked by your dentist. Chances are that she’ll be able to fix your problem in no time.


Use masking devices

If this issue affects your normal life, you need seek professional help to find out how to stop ringing in the ears. The first measure is to use certain devices to your advantage.

Certain hearing aids are especially designed to curb excessive noise. They generate low-level white noises that help your brain bypass the ringing in your ears, thus letting you focus on the white noise instead.


Get used to it

If you still cannot find a solution to your problem, then how about just getting used to the problem? The thing is, the more you resist any problem with your body, the more that issue stands out as a pain in the ass. Plus, you know how things work mentally as well – the more you obsess/worry over it, the more it circles your brain. The sooner you can get used to the ringing, the easier it’ll become for your brain to simply suppress the noise as white noise.


Try tinnitus retraining therapy

This involves sound therapy and counseling. Sounds weird, but it’s true! A device is inserted into the ears of the patient, and that device generates noises that resonate at the same pitch/volume as the ringing in their ears. Obviously, this eases things out a lot for the patient. Depending on the severity of the condition, this treatment can last anytime between 6 months to 2 years.


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