Stress is such an ever-present and constant factor in our life that we are all looking for ways of how to release tension. Our professional life, our families and relationships, our health, our financial situations, friends and loved ones - every single aspect of our life is a constant source of concern and worrying, making it important for us to know the ways to release tension.

Knowing how to release tension doesn't require you to make drastic changes in your life, or do something extraordinary. Rather, it is just some simple techniques that you can apply in your life to help you feel relaxed and less tensed.

12 Simple and Effective Ways to Release Tension

It is important for your mental health and inner peace that you know how to release tension, and here are 12 simple ways to do it.


This would probably be the first advice that anyone gives you for one special reason: meditation actually works. Even if you are new to this concept, practicing meditation is a great way of knowing how to release tension. Meditation is a way to focus on yourself and establish positive thoughts in your mind, by concentrating on your breathing and chanting mantras like "I love my life" or "I am happy with myself, just the way I am".


Practice Breathing Exercises

Another great way to know how to release tension is to practice breathing exercises. Deep breathing is a great way to get rid of anxiety any time of the day within minutes, no matter where you are, or how tensed. Breathing in and out rhythmically helps you relax and calm down, and it is especially handy in situations where you find yourself agitated or angry.


Try Laughing

There's no better medicine than laughter, especially when it comes to knowing how to release tension. No matter how tensed or anxious you are, laughing at something will always release the tensions and help you feel better. Find a good joke, or watch something funny that makes you laugh; remember something that a friend recently said that made you laugh, or something hilarious that your child did. Laughing will make your tensions go away and remind you of all the good things that are going on in your life.


Dance to a Good Tune

If the situation is right, let yourself go with a crazy dance to some loud and upbeat music. Dancing without any inhibition will shed any tension you have built up in your body, and the physical exercise will also help release stress and anxiety.


Rant to Someone

If you are feeling tensed because there is a lot on your mind that you can't say to someone, let it out. If it's not possible to tell that person - your boss, a stranger, or someone who is older than you - find a close friend or your partner, and vent it all on them. Keeping your angry thoughts to yourself is not a healthy choice; rather, take them out on someone who would listen and understand and you will feel better.


Get Outside

Go back to nature if you are feeling tensed; take a walk outside and focus on nature rather than on your problems, or your phone. In our busy lives, we almost never get the chance to observe nature anymore, which is probably why everyone is so edgy and tensed all the time. When it is time to release some tension, spend some time with nature. Go for a walk or a run, or just sit outside in the park for an hour, and you will definitely feel better.


Get Active

A great way to release tension is to get active; go for a run, or do some light exercise if you have the time. Cleaning your house or getting your chores done could be therapeutic as well as practical; some people prefer chores than heavy exercising. The most important part is that you don't sit still while tensed; you should get moving and do something active!


Listen to Good Music

Just as some loud music can help you relax, so can good music that's soft, melodious and meaningful. So, listen to whatever type of music you like and you will feel better.


Do What You Like

If there's something that you need to do which you don't like, that can create tension in you, such as household chores, studying for exams, or making a difficult presentation for work. In that case, don't do them; instead, take your time to do something you like doing; read a book, watch a movie, or go out with your friends. Spend some quality time doing something you enjoy instead of something you don’t like, and you will feel less tensed.


Do Something with Your Hands

Get physical and do something messy with your hands; that will relieve your tension and help you enjoy yourself. Finger paint, try your hand at gardening, or bake something using your hands. Using your hands in physical activity will help release some anxiety, because these days, we almost never use our hands and fingers for anything.


Take a Long Weekend

If it is possible, take a day - or two - off from work and spend some time with yourself. A long weekend without having to worry about work might be exactly what you need to release all the tension in your body. Go away for a short vacation if you have the chance, or stay home and binge out on your favorite TV show, spend time with your family, and eat whatever you want to.


Get a Massage

A massage from a professional masseur could also help you relax - a full body massage will definitely make you feel rejuvenated and alive. So, take a day off and treat yourself to some luxury and see the difference in yourself.


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