If you are used to throwing up every time you drink, it's safe to say that you successfully manage to ruin every party and every outing where you were supposed to enjoy yourself. Throwing away at the end of every social occasion is not something that anyone would want to finish their evening, and therefore, you definitely need to learn how to not throw up after drinking.

10 Helpful Tips on How to Prevent Throwing Up After Drinking

Knowing how to not throw up after drinking could be the difference between having fun at a social event and ruining everyone else's fun, and there are a few tips that you can follow to achieve that.

Know Your Personal Limit

In order to know for how not to throw up after drinking, the first thing would be to understand your limit. If throwing up at social occasions is something that has happened to you a number of times, you might have a rough idea of what your limit is. Your drinking limit generally depends on your weight and your gender. Women, being genetically smaller, have a lower limit of alcohol than men. Where men of average build can withhold 2-3 drinks per hour, a woman can naturally tolerate 1-2 drinks, thus making them more prone to throwing up and nausea. It is, therefore, important to know your situation so that you can stop yourself before going overboard and drinking too much.


Stop When You Have Had Enough

It’s not enough to only know what your limit is if you completely ignore it; knowing how to not throw up after drinking requires you to watch yourself and stop drinking after you have reached your drinking limit. Just refrain yourself from accepting another glass after you have finished the last one, no matter how hard it may be, and decline any invitation to join others. Be truthful about the situation and everyone will understand the problem. Saying "I have reached my limit" or "One more and I might be sick" is enough for others to accept your reasons, so don't be afraid to say "No".


Don't Drink on an Empty Stomach

You should never drink on an empty stomach; even if you are heading for a party, eat something beforehand if you expect to drink later. Alcohol is absorbed more quickly into the blood if you have an empty stomach, making you feel intoxicated faster than normal. Eat something nutritious before you take the first sip of alcohol and you won't get drunk very quickly.


Drink Water in Between Drinks

Alcohol has a tendency to dehydrate your body, and so you need adequate water in between every drink, especially if you are in a warm environment. There is a rule that says you must drink equal amounts of alcohol and water; so after every drink, try to take in a glass of water as well. This will help create balance in your body, and not make you intoxicated very soon.


Exploit the Power of Ginger

Keep something edible with you that has ginger, or keep a piece of dry ginger with you, Ginger has extremely strong anti-nausea elements that will help you regain your composure at moments when you feel like throwing up. If you have a feeling that you have drunk too much or that you can throw up, start swallowing a piece of ginger, or ginger candy, or water with ginger powder added to it. You will feel better in seconds, guaranteed.


Eat a Banana

Another great way to relieve your body of dehydration is to take some potassium, and the best and fastest way to do that - not to mention, a delicious way - is to eat a banana. Bananas are rich in potassium and will restore the right balance of electrolytes and water in your body very quickly. Whether you have a hangover or if you are throwing up after drinking too much, a banana can help.


Try Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds, like a ginger, also have the power to soothe an upset stomach. They will be easier to carry around too, compared to a banana. If you feel like throwing up, chew a handful of fennel seeds; if you have the opportunity, drinking a glass of water with crushed fennel seeds can also do the trick.


Head for Fresh Air

If you are indoor when you start feeling nauseous, find somewhere that has some fresh air - a terrace, a balcony, or outside. Try to keep under a shade if it is day time and away from too much noise if you are at a large gathering. The fresh air will definitely make you better and give you time to compose yourself.


Sit Back and Don't Move

When you are feeling nauseas, sit down in a propped-up fashion and don't move unnecessarily. Moving too much will cause you to throw up more quickly than if you are still. Don't lie down horizontally also, that could worsen the situation. Keep your head up and be perfectly still, preferably somewhere with fresh air and no noise.


Take Your Time Between Drinks

Don't gulp down your drinks the moment you have a glass in your hand, and don't get another one immediately after finishing the previous one. Take your time with each drink, and definitely take your time between each drink. If you plan to stay in the same party or gathering for quite some time, order a drink, or two, every hour. Don't plan to drink too much in the first hour and then quit because that idea almost never sticks!


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