It is quite natural for women to try everything they can to have long, beautiful nails. It takes time for nails to grow, and the rate of growth may vary greatly from person to person. Most people will notice about one millimeter growth in nails in a month's time. You can try certain ways to understand how to make your nails grow rather quickly, and once they start growing, you can even take steps to make them look longer than they actually are.

How to Make Your Nails Grow

You need to pay attention to what you eat and take some steps to protect your nails from different elements to make them grow quickly and appear longer. Here are some steps to take.

Moisturize Your Nails

It is important to moisturize your nails, especially in the winter. Keep in mind that your fingernails are already dead cells the moment they leave the cuticle. It means they just cannot repair themselves once they are out. How much you take care of them will determine how healthy and long they look. Be sure to apply some hand cream on your nails and hands after finishing your sanitation regime. This keeps you from dealing with brittle nails. It is also a good idea to wear gloves during the winter season.


Use Nail Hardens and Growth Gel

While there is no magic pill to make your nails grow overnight, you can make them long by giving them the right protection. Do not break them and they will eventually look longer. For this, you should consider making use of nail hardeners, which are basically clear polishes that contain formalin as the strengthening agent. Similarly, you may consider using growth gels because they provide your nails with vitamins A, C, and E and promote growth.


Saw Your Nails from Two Sides to the Center

If you have already tried growing your nails, you may already know you can always file your nails in the wrong way. In order to discover how to make your nails grow, you need to understand more about right and wrong ways to file your nails. It is important to use your filer while going toward the center of each finger. Never go back and forth; always move from left to center and right to center. Similarly, you should not cut your cuticles or you may end up developing bacterial infections. Moreover, you may want to file your nails in a way to have round nails; square ones may look stylish but tend to break easily.


Consider Base and Topcoat

Many women do not know that polishes can actually eat away at their nails. Leaving them bare is the best thing to do. Still, if you find colors quite tempting, be sure to use base and topcoat first. Plain polishes make it difficult for your nails to breathe, which weakens them over time. Consider the base and topcoat, which will help provide a protection layer and make your polishing looks good. Be very careful when selecting nail polishes. Never buy ones that have chemicals.


Eat Foods That Make Nails Grow

In addition to taking these steps, you need to understand what foods to eat to learn how to make your nails grow healthy. Here are some foods you may want to include in your diet to get good results.

  • Chia seeds: Chia seeds are loaded with protein and calcium that help strengthen your nails and promote growth as well. You simply need to start using a couple of teaspoons of Chia seeds every day to enjoy its benefits. Alternatively, sprinkle some of these into your next breakfast bowl to get great benefits.

  • Almonds: Loaded with biotin, almonds offer several other nutrients that leave you with healthier, stronger nails and bones. Almonds are better than synthetic supplements that only offer biotin. They also contain vitamin E, as well as magnesium, calcium, and protein. Simply enjoy ¼ cup of raw almonds daily or have a couple of teaspoons of almonds butter daily to grow your nails.

  • Cacao: It contains all those nutrients that are essential for your nail health. It has iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc as well. Just be sure to enjoy raw cacao because the sugary chocolates can tear down keratin and collagen in your nails. Raw cacao is equally beneficial for your hair and skin.

  • Pumpkin seeds: You may have heard that pumpkin seeds are great for clear skin, but these seeds are equally beneficial for your nails. To grow strong, healthy nails, you should provide them with protein, iron, and zinc. All these nutrients are aplenty in pumpkin seeds. Zinc in these seeds supports connective tissue and makes your nails stronger. If your nails break easily or you have white spots on your nails, the chances are you are already zinc deficient. You will get 23% of your daily need of zinc from ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds. So, add them to your diet if you really want to know how to make your nails grow.

Several Myths About Growing Nails

While many women want to grow nails and try so many things, they are even concerned about certain myths associated with the idea of growing nails. For instance:

You Grow Nails Quickly If You Keep Your Fingers Busy

People think that someone who types all day, plays a piano regularly, or spends hours exercising their fingers have a greater chance of growing nails than people who do not engage in these activities. This is just a myth. While it is possible to notice a slight difference in nail growth due to the extra blood flow to the fingertips, busy fingers won't necessarily notice a huge difference.


You Grow Nails Quickly by Using Garlic

This is not true either. Rubbing halving raw garlic on your nails is not going to make your nails grow long overnight. People believe in this myth because garlic is high in selenium and some studies believe it helps strengthen nails. There is no evidence to prove this connection.


You Grow Nails Quickly If You Consume More Protein

Do not believe this myth. While a protein deficiency may lead to weak, slow-growing nails, eating more protein will not do the opposite. It is not going to offer any benefit, especially if you are not already protein deficient.


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