This one is for all the guys out there. Let's face it, man: we all want to look more like a grown man than a boy. Whether it is to garner respect, command authority or generally be more attractive to the opposite sex, guys want to look more macho. The secret to knowing how to look more masculine is pretty obvious when you come to think of it but hard to implement. To say the least, it'll take effort but by the time you're done, you'll be a whole different man.

Top 10 Tips to Help You Become a Manly Man


Bulk up

A good way to start off with the transformation process is by hitting the gym. Working out and building a bigger, more chiselled body can not only transform your appearance but it beings with an aura of masculine command which is very evident to other people. You might have noticed thinking how “masculine” professional body builders look and that instinctive thought is why you should consider beefing up as well. Admittedly, it won't be an easy process and it'll probably hurt (a lot), but the end result is most definitely worth it.


Trim your beard

If you don't have one (like me, for instance), there isn't much you can do other than waiting and hoping for facial hair growth to occur. But for most men who have beards: maintain it. Trim it every day and apply oil to avoid it becoming dry and scraggly. One of the most defining features for guys out there is their facial hair. Not taking care of yours shows neglect and a general lack of cleanliness. If you prefer growing your beard out, take care that there are no split ends by trimming it on a daily basis.


Get a manlier wardrobe

Appearances matter. And this is one of the keys to knowing how to look more masculine. Having well-groomed stubble won't help if you still dress up in a hoodie and tracksuits like a nineteen-year-old. Get rid of the stuff you used to wear during college and start wearing clothes which look more mature. Swap your tees for some classy shirts. Buy some suits or jackets for casual wear. How you choose to look defines how you think. So don't underestimate the power of a manly wardrobe!


Fix your posture

How you walk and talk is essential to coming across as manly. A man who is shy or nervous keeps hunched shoulders and heads down. You don't want people thinking of you as weak which is the biggest threat to your masculinity. Next time, practice walking with your back straight and keep your chest up. This instinctively leads to people accepting your chain of command and you come across as a proper man. Lesson: Walk straight and taut with your head held high.


Learn to smile

Contrary to the popular belief, being more masculine isn't just about intimidation and dominating other people with your presence. Being a man is a lot more. It is about being gentle and yet firm. To not back down rather than to aggress. So, smile. It projects confidence and approachability. You don't want to look like a sullen gangster. Every time you meet someone new, talk to them, be friendly and kind.



This goes hand in hand with the previous point. The whole “firm but gentle” philosophy applies here as well. Chivalry isn't just about the cheesy, old-fashioned honor code that men in the 50's used to follow. It is a way of life that defines the boundary between men and boys. Learn to be respectful to others and come across as a principled man, especially to women. Nothing is more attractive than a man with relaxed confidence who has the charm to hold a door open for a woman.


Assert yourself

This is more than just knowing how to look more masculine; being assertive will definitely make you more masculine. Don't be a pushover. If you are not satisfied with something or someone, speak your mind. Let the world know of your thoughts and opinions; let the world know you matter. Keeping everything to yourself isn't a very bright idea when it comes to projecting manliness, so if you think you deserve better, go out and get it. Even in your professional workspace: if you think you are being undervalued, talk it out. Don't intimidate but have a rational debate and tell other people how you feel about things.


Honor your words

Masculinity isn't a feeling or a character trait. It is a way of life. You can either choose to dedicate yourself to it or not. One very important aspect involved in this philosophy is to always keep your words. A real man honors his promises. He doesn't make them without thinking them through but when he does make one, he makes sure he sees it through. No one likes a man who changes his tune every few minutes; they usually come across as spineless and are a real turn off to other people. You want to be a man? Start making good on the promises. No amount of working out is going to help if you can't implement this.


Stand up for your beliefs

As I've mentioned before, being a man isn't all about having a beard or showing glistening muscles. If you can't stand up for yourself and others, no amount of protein is going to help you become a man. Learn to muster up the courage it takes to stand up for the little guy. Help other people who are mentally or physically weaker than you and people will respect that. Not all the great men in history had the biggest bodies, but they did have the strongest will. An iron-clad belief in your principles and morals is what truly makes a man.


Get tanned

Lastly, after you've accomplished all the above, there remains this final step. Now that you finally know how to look more masculine in public, think of this as the finish touch; the cherry on top. Testosterone usually comes with more darkened skin tones. People who work out more generally have a tan which is lacking in those who sit in their homes. So in case you don't develop one naturally, try getting one by sunbathing. It will be the final step to looking manlier to others.


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