Learning how to insert a tampon can be a little nerve-racking for those who have never used one. A lot of women like to use tampons all the time, while some only use them in special occasions. Tampons can be much more comfortable and convenient, when playing sports, swimming or having heavy activities. And tampons should not cause any discomfort if inserted properly. You can get your tampons in various strengths, as well as the options of a cardboard applicator, plastic applicator, or zero applicator.

How to Insert a Tampon

​Tampons can make some women nervous to use, and some may have a hard time using them. However, with time and practice, using tampons will become easier and easier. Tampons without applicators can seem a bit daunting if you are just starting to use tampons. So start with tampons with an applicator (either plastic or cardboard) will be much easier.

How to insert a tampon with a built-in applicator

  • The first step is to wash your hands with soap and water. Next, unwrap the tampon and use only clean tampons with clean hands at all times. If the tampon falls on the floor, throw it away. You do not want to infect your vagina, do you?

  • Pull out the string, and then squat, sit or stand in any way that feels comfortable to you. When you find a comfortable position, locate the end of the tampon where it dents. Hold it there while ensuring you can easily view the string, which you also have to keep away from your body.

  • Holding the tampon with the fingers that you use to hold a pen or pencil, open your labia and slowly start to push the tampon inwards until you feel your fingers touch your vagina, or when you feel the inner portion of the applicator is all the way in.

  • Push the inner tube into your vagina and pull the outer tube out. Once finished, throw away the applicator and make sure to wash your hands.

  • In the end, when you want to remove the tampon just tug at the string of the tampon, pulling it gently downwards till you pull out your tampon.


How to insert a tampon without an applicator

  • The first step is to wash your hands with soap and water. Next, remove the wrapping from the tampon and pull the string out, making sure that it is fully hanging out from the tampon, and not loose.

  • Squat, sit or stand in any way that feels comfortable to you and open your labia gently with your fingers, placing the tampon at the opening of your vagina. Slowly push the tampon completely in with your index finger (your finger acts as the applicator in this process).

  • Make sure that the string is fully out of your vagina, because it is this very string which will help you pull out the tampon when you’re ready to dispose of it. Wash and dry your hands.

How to Remove a Tampon


Get comfortable

If you have inserted the tampon, but you are not comfortable with it in, or it is not fully inside your vagina, then remove and start over.


Time to remove

You’ll know it’s time to remove your tampon if you see blood on the string, or if there is some in the toilet or when you wipe yourself. If you try to remove the tampon and it isn’t budging as much as you think it should, and if it hasn’t been the 8 hours yet, then try taking it out at a later time. This may mean that you aren’t menstruating as heavy as the tampon can absorb.


Proper disposal

You may want to wrap your tampon into the new tampon wrapper, or with some toilet paper. Make sure you discard your tampon safely even if your tampon says flushable because a lot of toilets (especially those that are hooked up to septic tanks and fields) cannot handle tampons. The result is a huge headache and a large plumbing bill.


Change your tampon as needed every 8 hours

You may find that you need to change your tampon more often than every 6-8 hours if you’re on a heavy flow. However, do not keep your tampon in for any longer than 8 hours, as you can develop toxic shock syndrome. Although rare, this disease can be very deadly and if any of the symptoms found on the box occur (such as fever, vomiting, or a rash), seek help immediately.

Note: When working on how to insert a tampon, always make sure you feel comfortable. If you don’t, then the tampon isn’t inserted properly, or they may not be for you.


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