Over your lifetime, you may have suffered an attack of hiccups that was somewhat embarrassing. One of the hardest things you can try to do is trying to make as little noise as possible when hiccupping. Hiccups occur when the diaphragm spasms involuntarily. This happens when there is tightening of the diaphragm as it tries to push excessive air into the stomach. While there is no specific explanation for why this happens, there are a few theories that try to explain it. Some theories date back to the time before evolution. When you develop hiccups, the most important thing for you at that moment is making them stop as fast as possible.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups


Drink with a Straw

Simply take a cup and fill it with water. Plug your ears with your fingers as if you are trying to block your ears from hearing something. Gulp the water. While there is no clear explanation for why this works, it actually helps to stop the hiccups. After a few gulps of water, the hiccups will stop. For adults, you may have to try it a few times before it completely stops the hiccups.

Consider using two straws when drinking the water. While one of the straws is inside the glass of water as usual, the other straw should be on the outer side but pressed on the glass wall. Ensure that both straws go into your mouth at the same time take a big gulp of water and the hiccup will eventually go away.


Drink from a Glass

Place a glass of water on a seat and sit in front of it on another chair. Gently bend down and drink from the glass without holding the glass using your hands.

Also, you can use a plastic cup and fill it half way. Before drinking, lie upside down; this can be done from the edge of your seat or bed. Drink the water in this posture and then go back to normal position.

You can also drink water in a bended position. Simply bend from the waistline, take the water and then go back to straight posture. You may need to do this a few times before the hiccups clear.


Go Sour

How to get rid of hiccups? Just cut a lemon into small wedges and bite the wedges while sucking the juice. If you do not like the taste, you can put a bit of sugar on the lemon. To make the taste even more bearable, you can use a few drops of angostura. While it only helps with the taste, some people say that it helps clear the hiccup even better.

Vinegar or pickle juice is also known to cure hiccups. You need to take half of a teaspoon after every 7 seconds until the hiccup subsides. While you may not like the taste, it is an effective way of controlling your hiccups.


Breathe In as Much as possible

Take in fast breathes without breathing out any of it. This means that you will need to swallow the air you take in. keep inhaling and swallowing until you can’t do it anymore. Once you are unable to inhale or swallow air, exhale as much as you need. This will have cleared the hiccup.


Try the Open Mount Swallow Technique

Simply widely open your mouth and maintain it this way for a while. You can swallow if you need to but ensure your lips stay apart through the process. Gulp in air every time you feel a hiccup coming. While some hiccups might still happen, the continuous gulping will eventually kill the hiccups. This will last until at least 3 minutes before you completely get rid of the hiccups. While doing this, ensure your chest area is not squeezed by anything tight.


Ask a Friend to Tickle You

If you are sensitive to tickles, you can ask someone to tickle you. The sensation distracts you from your hiccups and eventually it will stop. You will need to be tickled for at least half a minute. If you cannot stand being tickled, you can ask someone to scare you. When you’re honestly scared, it helps to reset your breathing when you gasp for air in surprise.


Eat Something Sweet

Taking sugar can go a long way when it comes to cure hiccups because the sugar granules irritate the esophagus and this forces the phrenic nerves to rest.

Also, you can mix a tablespoon of honey in warm water. Place a tablespoon at the far end of your tongue and swallow. Honey has the ability to irritate the nerves in your esophagus and this causes the hiccup to stop.


Try Peanut Butter

Taking peanut butter is one of the easy ways of how to get rid of hiccups. This is because peanut butter gets stuck in your mouth. When you are busy chewing and trying to get it from sticking into your mouth, you are taking in air and this interrupts your normal breathing pattern. This eventually helps to heal the hiccup.


Use Brown Bug

This is one of the oldest methods known to work for hiccups. Simply breathe in and out slowly into a brown bag. Make sure you stop in case you feel a bit light headed. When you breathe inside a brown bag, you create more carbon dioxide in the blood and this makes the body’s diaphragm contract more in an attempt to bring in more oxygen into the system. This causes the spasms to stop.


Chew Dill

Dills are naturally pleasant to eat. One teaspoon of dill seeds can help cure your hiccups. When you chew and swallow these seeds, you stimulate your vagus nerve which causes the hiccup to stop.


Use a Paper Towel

Cut a reasonable amount of paper towel and place it on top of a glass. Drink the water in the glass through the towel. You will need to use your diaphragm to suck the water. This method of gulping will interrupt the muscle movement which stops the hiccups.


Apply Pressure

Simply stick your tongue out and pull the end with your fingers. This will stimulate your vagus nerves and thus easing the spasms in your diaphragm. While holding your tongue in this position, gently press your diaphragm and also place a bit of pressure on your nose as you swallow.

While these methods on how to get rid of hiccups may work, hiccups normally clear out with time but the uncomfortable nature they cause is what makes it easier to use these methods to make hiccups go away as fast as possible.


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