Most people love to have a brand new look during during New Year, season changes or any special event in their lives. But that doesn’t mean you need to have a Victoria Secret Angel’s body, color your hair with a flaming red dye or even splurge all your savings just to have a dramatic change. Reinventing your look doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t even have to be very difficult. Small changes can actually give you that “new version” that you always wanted.

Change Your Hairstyle


Part your hair on a different side

Parting your hair on the other side will not only change the way the front sections of your hair frame your face, but also will give new volume to the roots. If it keeps going back, you can part your hair at night and then put on a soft, non-slip headband to train your hair. You can also put folded tissues beneath the headband to avoid it from leaving creases on your hair.


Do-it-yourself blow out

Try to flaunt a sexy look by curling your hair without overspending on salons. With the help of Velcro rollers, achieving this is very simple and easy. Part your hair to six or eight sections, then start rolling the sections under, not over. Apply gentle heat with the use of blow dryer. Do your makeup while waiting for your hair to cool. Unpin and run your fingers through. If you have a shoulder length hair, use medium-sized rollers.


Wear new hairstyle

Look into magazines to give you ideas on great hairstyles. You can also bring a picture of your chosen hairstyle so that the stylist can tell you if that would suit the shape of your face. Another great way on how to change your look is by wearing hair accessories like ribbons, headbands and ponytails. You must also take care of your hair because too much curling, straightening and chemicals or dyes using can damage your hair.

Make Your Face Glow and Shining


Wear red lipstick

Red lipsticks are very universal and wearable so do not be afraid to try them on. A red shade on your lips is very classy and will not only give a major impact on your look, but it will also add to your femininity. When choosing a red lipstick, choose the one you are attracted first. According to makeup specialists, blue-based red lipsticks are more flattering on any type of skin tone. It also makes your teeth look whiter.


Experiment with your eyes

Try using a deep-blue colored eye pencil instead of the traditional black or brown pencils. This color still gives you the depth of color you need to contour your eye lashes but it gives a more sophisticated and modern look. Aside from these, blue tones can make your eyes look brighter and more awake. Choose shades of navy blue or indigo blue and avoid light blue shades as these hues can make your eyes look smaller and sleepy.


Take care of your skin

An important tip on how to change your look is by taking care of the largest organ of your body, your skin. Putting a good makeup is useless if your skin is unhealthy to start with. Make sure to wash your face in the morning to remove the dirt that surfaced, then wash again before you go to sleep at night to let your skin breathe. Always moisturize to avoid dryness and use light anti-acne cream if you have pimples.


Wear makeup that suits your style

The makeup that you wear should be appropriate for the look that you are aiming. For example, if you prefer for a California surfer look, wear less makeup. Use natural tones, light mascara, eyeliner and a little bronzer. This is to make you look sun-kissed. How to change your look into a classic or preppy look? Put on either red or nude lipstick, a light mascara, a white pencil liner on the inner corners and a well-blended eye shadow.

Know What to Wear


Update your manicure

Ever tried painting your nails? Another way on how to change your look is by wearing a nice nail polish. Express yourself by painting your nails with new colors. Try adventurous colors! Beige and brown colors are exciting and subtle at the same time. Pink is also pretty. You can also try filing your nails in a different shape. Instead of the traditional oval shape, try the “squoval” shape. File your nails straight across and then round off the corners.


Use accessories

You don’t have to spend all your money just to update your closet. But you can make people think that you did. Update items that are easily noticed such as your handbag. Bags made of faux animal skin are a hit this year. According to fashion specialists, bags made of fake crocodile and other exotic animal skin looks more high-end. Choose handbags with brass hardware instead of silver and clutches made of shiny patent-leather as they look edgy.


Clean your closet

Ever thought why you have a congested closet but still don’t seem to have the clothes that look good on you? Sort the items on your closet and remove those that don’t fit on you anymore. Another way on how to change your look is to stop clinging on clothes that don’t suit your skin tone, your size or even your age just because of sentimental value. You can still make good use of them by donating them to charity.


Wear good shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Comfort should be the number one consideration in choosing shoes, but, of course, it should also go with the look that you want. If you want a classic or preppy look, try wearing a cute pair of flats or nice comfy pair of sophisticated heels. If you prefer a surfer look, wear a pair of Keds or flip flops.


Get out of your comfort zone

Try going to the mall without shopping. Another way on how to change your look without spending too much is by going to a medium- to large-scale mall and stroll around. Take a look at the different shops and check on their styles and prices. Then make a list of the shops that you would like to revisit, and see if you can afford their prices and if you are comfortable wearing their merchandise.


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