Chicken is one of the most eaten diets in the entire world. I am a demon when it comes to chicken. I can eat chicken 7 days a week 365 days a year. I am crazy for chicken and I don’t care if I will feel like a having a chicken farm in my body at the end. There are numerous people like me and maybe you are one of us too. Those, who are fond of meat, love to eat chicken. This little bird has made multiple millionaires over the years. Consider the amount of chicken eaten all over the world on daily basis. 

We all know very well about the fast food restaurant based totally on chicken meat. One of the most famous chains of fast food restaurants around the world is KFC (Kentucky fried chicken). Be it any fast food from burgers to pizza or be it simply Nandos’ category, there are almost countless chicken dishes with countless varieties but the most important part of chicken business lands on one point only, how long to bake chicken breast.

Chicken breast has been unanimously rated as the most loved part of entire sexy chicken body. While ordering on the dining table, you must have heard people and yourself most of the times to specifically calling out for chicken breast in menu. But the taste of the dish depends totally on how long to bake chicken breast or what temperature to bake chicken breast at. These are the most basic parts of giving the dish its specific taste. A little over cooked and it will be too dry, if it is undercooked, it will be extra juicy, if it is not marinated, it will not give you your desired taste. Speaking of desires for chicken lovers, a well cooked chicken breast will fulfill each one of them. 

So if you are trying out some new place, it is better to ask your waiter generally that how long to a bake chicken breast so that you can get an idea of the quality of food in terms of cooking. If you are planning to bake some chicken at home, first read till the end or you will waste the entire chicken.

How to Bake Chicken Breast

Buy the Perfect Piece

To begin with, the most important part related to how long to bake chicken breast is dependent on the quality of chicken you will buy. The more tender the breast meat, the better it will bake. While ordering meat, make sure that the piece is not too large or too big because it will be from an older chicken and will take longer time to get ready. You will not be able to make a decision on how long to bake chicken breast if you do not deal with standard size and weight of the chicken piece to be used.


Before putting it in over, A vital part on how long to bake a chicken breast relates to the marinating of the chicken breast. The most important aspect of how long to bake the chicken breast at 350 or how long to bake the chicken breast at 450 depends upon marinating chicken. A chicken breast should be well marinated for at least 10 to 15 hours for the recipe of chicken steak. For bar b q purpose, a marinating of 5 to 10 hours is sufficient enough. You have to be very particular regarding each and every step on how long to bake chicken breast.

Dress the Chicken Breast

This part of baking is also very important. If dressing is not done in proper manner, Chicken will lose its flavor during the baking process. While we tell you how long to bake chicken breast, you can give multiple tastes to chicken breast with something new in it. There are numerous sauces available in the market which will give your dish a totally new dimension. If you are tired of eating the same old dry piece of meat, try these new innovations. But be careful to decide what temperature to bake chicken breast at because with every new sauce, the temperature will vary accordingly. If not taken care of, you will ruin your chicken breast dish.

Mind Time Span

Basically, it’s the duration we are talking about on how long to bake chicken breasts. You have bought a good piece of chicken breast, you cleaned it well, cut it fine, marinated it well, dressing is all ok and now it’s the time of baking which matters the most. Question of the day, how long to bake the chicken breast to give it the perfect taste your taste buds are craving for. Normally people ask cautiously as to how long to bake the chicken breast at 350 or how long to bake the chicken breast at 450? If you are doing it for the first time or if you are a novice, than for your information, generally it is between 10 minutes to 1 hour depending upon all the factors mentioned earlier and the temperature to be used which will be discussed next.

At 350

At specific temperature selection for baking chicken pieces, you cannot decide how long to bake chicken breast but how long to bake chicken breast at 350 is the real question in spotlight here. It should be between 30 to 40 minutes and on the average 35 minutes. The variation in timings again depends on the type of dish you are preparing.

At 450

or you will not able to eat it at all because the chicken breast will turn chicken charcoal . Speaking of how long to bake chicken breast at 450, the average timings is 15 to 20 minutes. The key point here is that at higher temperatures, the skin of chicken gets cooks first and the meat remains uncooked so it is recommended to fold your piece of chicken breast in an aluminum foil for best results.


So how long to bake chicken breasts after all, Or what temperature to bake chicken breast at, as cooking is a very delicate business and a little error will ruin your entire dish wasting your time and ending in disappointment. You have to be very specific for the decision of how long to bake chicken breasts in terms of selection of dish, selection of meat quality, selection of taste you want and selection of temperature. 

All of the factors will end up in the final time selection. So next time you follow all the recommendations in this article, you will not at all be pondering upon how long to bake chicken breast.


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