An incredibly lively way to celebrate the Christmas holidays is to organize something with the other members of your condo community. Why stay stuck in the solitary space of your own condo when you can open the doors and invite more people in, or have a common party with the rest somewhere else. Christmas can be the liveliest part of the year so long as you plan it right and plan it together. Don’t be daunted by the home cleaning that will be required to set up things and especially by all the cleaning you will have to do after that – it’s Christmas! Relax and enjoy yourself, you can worry about that when there are no holidays to have fun on.

Fun Ideas to Celebrate the Christmas Holidays in Your Condo


Make It Simple

One way to do it is to organize a simple dinner with your dearest friends in the condo community. Do some oven cleaning and cook the best meal imaginable to surprise your guests for dinner. Sit down and have a hearty conversation about family and events of the passing year. Discus future, discuss fun and drink the Christmas grog. This is as cozy as holidays can get. You can also make the dinner a potluck. Everybody gets to bring their favorite dish and everybody else will have a taste of a different cuisine. Gatherings don’t always have to be loud and noisy in order to be fun.


Rooftop Theme Party

Does the condo building have a good and clean rooftop space? Well, make use of it. Have community members help with the decorations and set up tables and meals and drinks. Then add a theme to the party. Have a Christmas costume party, or an formal-wear party, or a holiday spirit party. Invite the whole building on the roof and make the Christmas holidays memorable with great music, great company and a great atmosphere in the winter’s fresh air. Snowing might be a problem, but then again, it might also contribute to the holiday spirit. And it will make setting up the roof less of a professional cleaner’s job and more of a clearing out activity.


Secret Santa

Get the whole community together twice – once before the party for the name picking, and then in the biggest condo and have a gift exchange, but make it a Secret Santa exchange. Nobody will know who they will be receiving a gift from. You can even make it even more interesting and only provide numbers and not names, and then the gifts will be completely random and a real fun event to go through.


Rooftop Community Tree Decoration

Get the Christmas tree to the rooftop and then make the party into a tree decoration even where everybody will contribute to the colour and design of the tree. This can also be the place where you all place your gifts. It may not be much of a surprise, but wait till Christmas day comes and you all gather again for the unpacking. Well, yes, there will be a lot of paper and box cleaning after that, but it is better than carpet cleaning all the confetti and glitter.



Ultimately, you should get the community together to plan out a fun holiday for everybody. Nobody should be alone for Christmas, waiting for the home cleaning after all the mess is over with. Gather, organize, and enjoy the Christmas holidays with friends and family, and then you can tell stories all about the Christmas spirit.

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