It definitely feels great to end your sex session with an orgasm, but it's even amazing to have a full body orgasm, which is more intense and extensive than your regular orgasm. A full body orgasm includes a variety of sensations that lead to an orgasm that may last between a few minutes and a few hours. Below are some effective ways to learn how to have a full body orgasm. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of whole body orgasm.

Part 1: How to Have a Full Body Orgasm

You have to pay attention to a certain things to understand how to have a full body orgasm. Here's what you need to know about having a whole body orgasm.

Look for a Sexy Start

How you start things off will have a huge impact on how intense your orgasm is. The best way is to have an erotic conversation about sex and anything you really like about your partner and his body. This will really help both of you learn more about each other - you will even learn where to touch her to stimulate her sexual feelings. Sometimes, you will have to try different things to make it easier for your partner to determine exactly what feels great. Be willing to put in some extra effort to learn how to start things off on a right note.


Make Use of Verbal Foreplay

Learn to express your feelings in words. The more you talk about sex and your sexual intercourses, the easier it becomes to have an intense full body orgasm. Don't shy away from being dirty when having a conversation about sex. Ask your partner what he loves in a woman and share your innermost feelings about the idea you have about a perfect man. Set the tone early in the day. Call your partner throughout the day – you may even send naught text messages with pictures to turn him on and get him ready for a perfect sexual encounter.


Take Advantage of Kissing

Never skip kissing when you're about to have sex. Take it as a simple way of tasting your desire physically. Kiss slowly and avoid the lips at first. Let your lover start by kissing your hand, the back of your neck, the inside of your arm, and your ear. Let him find his way to your lips slowly to ignite your passion and set the stage for an intensive full body orgasm. Don't stop yourself from moaning while kissing – those moans will serve as a perfect erotic turn-on and make him want you more and more.


Make Use of Licking

When the time comes for your partner to finally reach your most secret place, be sure to tease him more. Make him lick your inner thighs, bite your hipbone, and even kiss close to your clitoris. This will awaken all your nerve endings and make your vagina go crazy and beg for attention. Just don't rush though, it worth waiting. Don't try to control your screams while he's kissing you everywhere – your high-pitched sounds actually help your sexual energy to travel up and cause a full body orgasm.


Learn to Think Big

It's obvious to start thinking a bit too much about what you're feeling below your belt. Put your creative skills to use and imagine the sexual energy is going up your spine and then down your arms and finally into the top of your head. You have to think big and open yourself up to let sexual energy flow through you.


Learn to Breathe Right

You know how to breathe, don't you? Well, it is so easy to lose control of your breathing when you're on the brink of climax. You may even hold your breath, which is not the right thing to do actually. Learn to inhale and exhale while reaching the climax to feel a deeper pleasure.


Learn How to Do Kegels

The pubococccygeus muscle, the one you use to stop the flow of urine, plays a role in determining how intense your orgasm is. The stronger the muscle, the longer your orgasm will be. It will be more powerful as well. Kegel exercises involve squeezing and releasing that muscle to make it stronger. Be sure to learn those exercises and perform them regularly for a full body orgasm.


Let Things Build Up

Don't rush with things and let the sexual energy build through your body. Spend more time in touching and teasing by avoiding the most sensuous parts for some time. Letting the sexual energy build up in your body is the secret to having an intense orgasm.


Learn to Focus on Your Senses

You have to keep your body relaxed all the time while breathing in and out in a normal fashion. It is important to focus on your senses to make it a pleasurable experience. Use your senses, and smell, taste, feel, and hear your partner and his body to allow the sexual energy build in you. You have to understand that your genitals definitely have thousands of nerve endings, but the rest of your body has more than three million nerve endings. Be sure to utilize all those nerves for a sensational orgasm.


Learn to Focus on a Single Spot at a Time

It is better to focus on each spot than being all over the places. You need to understand that your each touch can be a complete sexual act. Similarly, it is important for the partner to feel that touch and the sensation it creates.


Think of Your Partner

Remember, you will enjoy more if your partner enjoys it as well. It means you will be better off doing what pleases your partner to bring more passion into your sex sessions. Listen to how your partner actually feels when you touch him/her somewhere. Appreciate his/her body and notice how he/she reacts to your compliments. It's all about feeling and becoming one with your partner.


Try Interesting Poses

Your sex positions and poses will also have an impact on how intense your orgasm is. Here are two poses you can try:

  • Chair Pose: Stand with your arms at your sides and sternum lifted. Now, bend your knees and squeeze your inner thighs while straightening your arms. Lift your arms above your head and stretch your fingertips toward the sky. Bend your upper spine a bit by accentuating the lift in your chest and arms. Tuck your pelvis and breathe to feel that butt burn.

  • Camel Pose: While keeping your body erect, kneel with your knees directly underneath your hips. Curl your toes and stack your hips right on top of the knees. Keep your ears on top of your shoulders and your shoulders on top of your hips. With your fingertips facing the floor, inhale and inflate your chest to raise your ribcage. Start lifting your upper back until you can touch your one hand with the other one moving toward your heels. Your upper back should have the deepest arch with your hands placed comfortable on your heels. Take five complete breaths and tilt your head back a bit with your thighs and pelvis moving forward. Return to the starting position.


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