Did you know eyebrows can up your makeup game if done properly and make you look more attractive? Well they can. Take Kylie Jenner for example. When she posts a selfie on her social media platforms, the comment section gets flooded with comments complimenting her strong bold eyebrows. Eyebrow maintenance can be irritating, but in the end it's worth all the trouble. Whether you want to make a statement like the Kardashians who are known for having bold brows or have a more natural look like Cara Delevingne. Here are some brow hacks you need to know.

Tips on Shaping Your Eyebrows


Figure out which eyebrows suits your face shape

Many people find it hard to shape their eyebrows to match their faces. Here is a chart to help you if you're feeling lost in this process.


Choose your shade

We all sometimes don't know what eyebrow makeup to purchase because we don't know what shade we are. It sometimes gets frustrating and often times tiring because we have browsed through so many products. The chart down below is to assist you in finding the perfect shade for your eyebrows.


Know how to fill in your brows

Filling in your brows can be very hard for beginners because it takes time and concentration. The average person spends up to thirty minutes trying to achieve a professional look and, suffice to say, it takes patience. Here is a pic to help with this process.


Find your arch

Not sure where your arch is? Use this diagram below to help you find the perfect arch for your face.


How to grow your brows

Growing your eyebrows takes time and patience. Castor oil is proven to help you grow your eyebrows in less time. How do you do this? Follow the chart down below.

  • Try not over-plucking your brows.
  • Use a concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin when lining your brows.
  • Do NOT use to much product when filing in your bows.
  • Growing your brows usually takes three months.

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