Of all the most amazing adventures a man can do or witness what they can be? Making something disappear, hiding something in front of everyone, Black Magic, controlling things with your mind without any physical intimacy or generating electricity from your hands? Yes! The answer is right it is generating the electricity through your body and controlling objects without touching them. But is this even possible to do so or is there any person in real who is doing that? Yes there are some people who practically demonstrated and used there mysterious powers to make this happen.

Electrokinesis and Psychokinesis

Just Imagine

The two techniques we mentioned above in short description are generally being called as the electro- kinesis and psycho-kinesis and they are a reality. Electrokinesis is itself part of psycho-kinesis. How would it feel if a person extrudes electricity with his/her hands or a person while standing near to a chair makes it elevate in the air? Or a common person like you and me can make his pen rise higher in the air without the physical contact? No doubt it would be mind-blowing to watch.

What Is Electrokinesis?

How we explain the electrokinesis in simple words is that it is the ability of man to take a firm control of the energies in body and surrounding and generate the electrical power through transfer of electricity. That particular person has the mysterious ability to take in, transfer and generate the electrical power by atoms and ions in surrounding. Thus making use of this skill as he can.

Electrokinesis in Training

The electrokinesis and psychokinesis are the techniques which can be mastered by training and discipline. For electrokinesis one need to be calm and steady in his/her habits and needs to control his mind for the very first step is to clear your mind of all the bad intentions. One should be tension and stress free and also needs to have some discipline because it requires some patience too.

The second step is to feel the electricity flowing inside the body. This step needs to be carried out for some weeks and every few minutes an hour in a day. The third step is to contain the electricity in your hand. For this, create a circular electricity ball and try to contain it. Then try to give this electricity appraisal inside your arm .Once the electricity has enough power the last step is to send out an electricity burst with control. One needs to control that for safe usage of his power. There are many other training methods one can find on the websites and internet but the main focus of all these techniques is to control the mind by creating inside piece and self-control over different things.

The second method which you could use is to make use of the hands and first try the electrical propulsion through your fingers and in between the fingers. First place apart your fingers a few inches from one another and then expel energy from one finger and try to make it reach next one and so on. Once you get control of this try to produce energy from your hands and make them meet at the middle so that before applying anything on other appliances and object you do it on yourself for self-controlling.

Another exercise we have is again by the control of electrical energy through body and hands. In this exercise one has to first store the energy in hands then make the energy flow around the hands and then suddenly jolt it into small bursts to create a bolt. This exercise may seem to be very easy but in real a real man with real practice can perform this, so first spend some time on controlling energy and then try this.

Now when you are trained you can try exposing this internal energy developed to a bulb in order to turn it on. Obviously in first attempts it would not be possible to turn it on but still any increase in the light of dim bulb or a bulb that is not glowing at all will be very big achievement. So practice is must.

Experts in the Field

The history book of psychokinesis and electrokinesis is not empty and do contains some historical magicians and trick masters who have used these methods for achieving fame and showing their skills. Uri Geller believes that he can move spoons and light object with his mind without touching the objects. Similarly Ted Owens and Jeffrey Mishlove are also known as the psychokinesis experts.

Science and Technology

The present advancement in the field of neurosciences and neuroimaging have made the direct contact between machines and the human mind possible. The technology is used in the brain computer interface and the special sensors which make use of the processes that take place within brain. Perhaps in few more years we will observe one while sitting on sofa makes his door wide open for the guests.

Getting Equipped with Skills

The techniques of psychokinesis and electrokinesis are prevalent in our societies for centuries and there are people who teach these skills with or without any cost. One can consult internet for all these training techniques but the best method is to physically contact someone who is master of both or one of the technique. And if you can get the training for real in front of your eyes than that would be the best choice to get some real stuff to learn.

Our Own Perceptions

Now since we have seen the electrokinesis in detail and slight about psychokinesis as well, we are now in position to speak with full independence that these two disciplines are real and they do exist in our society. Those who do not believe upon electrokinesis and psychokinesis they need to see some facts and real practical experience so that they can have change in views .It has been proved by the history as well as the present scientific knowledge makes this fact certified that it is possible to control different objects without having any of the physical intimacy with them.


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