If you want a complete workout for your body, try hula hooping. It helps to shape your waistline, strengthen your abdominal muscles and remove excess fat. This is important because excess abdominal fat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Calories burned hula hooping equals an increase in heart health. But how many calories do you burn hula hooping?

Calories Burned When Doing Hula Hooping

A study done by the American Council on Exercise found that calories burned hula hooping for 30 minutes is about 210. That’s 7 hula hoop calories per minute! Don’t worry because you do not have to complete a whole 30-minute routine at once. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), just doing exercise for 10 minutes three times in a day is equivalent to doing the minimum amount of physical activity required to maintain good heart health. You can start by 10-minute sessions with calories burned hula hooping equivalent to 70 calories, then build up to longer workouts (30 to 60 minutes) daily to trim fat off your waist and lose excess weight.

Amount of Calories You Can Burn with Hula Hoop

How many calories do you burn hula hooping? Here are is a chart, telling you the relations between the amount of calories you burn, your weight and your exercise time.

Body Weight


(5 Min)


(10 Min)


(20 Min)


(30 Min)


(60 Min)

























Does Weighted Hula Hoops Brings Better Results?

Does it matter if you use regular hoops or weighted hoops? Weighted hoops are larger and heavier than regular hula hoops. Using these can bring additional benefits, especially if you use them for at least ten minutes per session. As part of aerobic exercise and overall fitness program, using weighted hula hoops adds fun and variety to workouts.

Hula hoop calories burned per 30-minute session can reach165 calories in women and 200 calories in men. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends that men and women should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week.

5 Great Calorie-Burning Hula-Hoop Exercises

Before advancing to hula hoop exercise variations, start doing the basic moves. You can do combinations of these moves for at least 30 minutes to burn 150-250 calories. If you do these at least three times in a week for 4 weeks, you’ll lose about 3 to 6 inches off your body.

Forward Stance

Hold the hoop against the lower back with your right (R) foot forward. Keep your hip tucked, shoulders back and chest out. Bend knees slightly. Spin the hoop counterclockwise around your waist. You can also try this with your left (L) foot forward then spin the hoop in clockwise direction.

Keep the hula hoop moving by shifting your weight between legs and moving hips backward and forward. Straighten up and push your hip up into the hoop if you feel it beginning to fall.


Side Stance

Stand with feet wide apart and parallel to each other. Spin the hoop and rock the hips side to side, allowing the hoop to hit the sides of the waist. Tighten your abs and lift your head and chest. Put more power with each push, so the hoop goes faster.


360 Spin

  • First, step with your R foot forward. Now spin body to the L while swinging the R foot 360° before putting it down. The L foot acts as your axis while you turn.

  • Now grab the hoop. Do the Forward Stance position and spin the hoop counterclockwise. While it's spinning, support your body on the L foot and use the R foot to spin. Let the hoop’s momentum move you around.

  • Get back into the Forward Stance position when you complete the turn. You can also try the other foot in opposite direction.


Prayer Halo

To have more calories burned hula hooping, you have to add this prayer halo into your exercise. 

First grasp the hoop in your R hand, with the palm faced down. Spin counterclockwise then slowly bring your hoop up over the head, so your fingers are pointing up. Use the hand to spin the hoop while it hits the palm and back of the hand.

As the hoop is moving around your R hand, bring your L hand up and put palms together in praying position. Keep your thumbs extended. Challenge yourself by adding squats, lunges, dancing or balancing on one foot.


Passing with Dips and Lunges

Grasp your hoop in your R hand with palm faced down. Swing the hoop clockwise, parallel to ground. Swing it behind you and pass it to the L hand, bringing it to the front. Continue swinging the hoop and pass it from hand to hand. Now, you can try walking, going in a circle, squatting or lunging while you are passing hoops.



Use the hoop like a jump rope by grabbing it at the top with both hands and jumping through. For a more challenging exercise, grab the hoop with your R hand and move it side to side vertically in front of you (as in figure-of-eight). As it crosses you from side to side, duck and lift your knees while stepping (or jumping) through and twisting wrist with palm facing you, and back to original position.

  • Maintain good posture by keeping your back straight. This will allow better rotation while burning hula hoop calories.
  • The best position to begin hula hooping is to have it high against your back.
  • To maintain hula hoop at proper level, avoid turning it too hard with your hips.
  • Find the right size. To do that, let the hoop rest vertically on the ground. The top of the hoop should reach a level somewhere between the waist and your mid-chest.
  • Choose the weight of hoop that you prefer. Smaller, lighter hoops are more challenging to keep going while bigger, heavier hoops are easier to keep going with more calories burned hula hooping.

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