When you grow up and experience life, you learn that depression is not something to laugh about. If you want to beat depression, here are 8 surprising useful tips for you.

8 Surprising Tips to Beat Depression


When you grow up and experience life, you learn that depression is not something to laugh about. You meet people who suffer and are crippled from its side effects on their lives. They hide, they are sad all the time and it is difficult for them to face life every day. We all have experienced these symptoms once or twice in our life, but living with it for a week is different than living with it for years. I came up with a list of tips on how to beat depression. Here are my 8 surprising ways of beating depression.

1. Colors! I have suffered from seasonal depression while living in Scotland for a couple of years. Our wee country is so far north that it barely has any daylight during the winter season. I can remember waking up at 9am and thinking it was 5am because it was still dark out. I noticed that when I wore fun, bright colors that it helped my mood due to the lack of vitamin D. I would wear a cheerful bright scarf, and have a floral dress on with it. I stuck out from the grey skies and I think I cheered up other people by dressing like this. When in doubt, do not think about matching patterns and colors. Just wear what makes you feel better!

2. Look at yourself in the mirror. This is one of the causes of depression, neglecting yourself. Do not be afraid of what you may see, and instead rejoice in what you do see. Find one thing to compliment yourself. Perhaps you do something different with your hair, or perhaps you are wearing a different blouse. Either way, find something you like, look yourself in the eye and say it!

3. Take a hike. Yes, I said it. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Get out in nature and reconnect with yourself. Right now with the leaves changing and falling from the trees is the perfect way to revisit nature. Take in the smell of the smoky air, and just walk. You do not need to run or jog. Just walk some trails and listen to the sounds of nature. Look for deer, hear the squirrels and stay away from the snakes. It will take your mind off of any problems you may have.

4. Best depression supplement. I prefer all natural ones like vitamin D. If it is seasonal depression, then vitamin D will help. You are missing the sun, and your body is letting you know. If you are not able to get out of bed in the morning and you cry in the shower at the thought of having to face another day, then that just may be seasonal depression, or you are writing your dissertation. Either way, it is not good.

5. Laugh. Go to the movie theater and watch a funny movie. You can go by yourself or with your friends or family. Comedy movies have a habit of allowing our minds forget about what is really bothering us. We laugh, we smile and we just have a good time. You are surrounded by other people even if not with friends. That is what makes a movie experience great. Just get me a bag of popcorn, please!

6. Hit the gym. Attending just 2 or 3 gym classes can significantly improve your mood and help you deal with your depression. Take a fun class in which you do not realize you are working out. Stay away from spinning and weightlifting. Try Zumba, Aerobics or Kickboxing instead. What better way to get in shape other than dancing and punching and kicking? All of this focus will be on correct form and getting all of the moves down. You will forget that you barely saw any sunlight today.

7. Food. As a major foodie, I know the difference between food that makes you feel good and tastes good, and food that is just bad for you and makes you feel bad. I enjoy pizza, but I know if I eat it every day, it would add inches onto my waist line and I would not be happy. Eat foods like that, but sparingly. Eat foods that are healthy and filled with flavor and colors.

8. Stay away from the drink. Having a glass of wine with dinner or a social cocktail at happy hour is fine, but anything more can affect our mood and medication. I recommend only drinking 2 or 3 days a week and only having a glass of it rather than drinking a lot. A night out with friends is one thing, but a night in by yourself is another.


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