Grunge is an advertised word that doesn't have a specific definition. Maybe you can say that being grunge equals being careless, or carrying your style in a messy manner. In all, the term was derived from a subgenre of rock music that has everything to make the ‘normal’ people go grumpy. It became a sub culture in 1980s when music sensations like Nirvana became quite popular with youngsters back then. The grunge style is still popular in 2015 as it has the tinges of ‘do it yourself’ aura. It allows experimentation and makes you live life on your own terms, that’s what grunge style is all about.

The syzygy youngsters still follow style on how to be grunge as it is unique way of living, carefree and crazy. The popular coinage ‘you cannot be old and wise if you never been young and crazy’ fits perfect on how to be grunge. Although grunge style is also called as down market filth by so-called sophisticated people, how to be grunge is the one of the most searched styles on the internet.

So are you looking for roads on how to be grunge? We tell you six easy ways that grunge fashion, style, hairstyle & clothes to make you look like one. Read it on …

6 Things to Know Before You Learn How to Be Grunge


How to Get the Grunge Look

A grunge look is characterized by being comfortable in your own skin. It is as simple as that. It doesn’t need anything out-of-the-box wardrobe or buying high-branded clothes on learning how to be grunge. Just get yourself flannel and boots like a cowboy or a lumberjack shirt that are available at charity stores. A grunge look is going apart from the popular culture and cultivating those looks is very ‘strange’ for regular fashion fanatics. However, there have been quite a few times that grunge look have been sported by celebrities and were quite applauded too. After all, grunge is testimony of the fact that it’s not just branded clothes that make a perfect style sense.


Shop for Some Grunge Clothing from a Thrift Store

This is one of the most important parameters of learning how to be grunge. To wear a grunge clothing, it doesn’t require lot of bucks. Thus anybody can cultivate a grunge style with almost no bucks. Look out for grunge clothing at thrift stores, as people who identify themselves as grunge value cost-saving & utility more than flashy style. This is the reason many humble youngsters from small town who migrate to a big city opt for grunge clothes, as it’s cheap but an expressive style. The jumble-sale clothing mostly make up the sack of grunge clothes.


Carry The Grunge Style With Ease

It is the peculiar aspect of learning how to be grunge that you carry your grunge style statement in comfortable manner. Being grunge automatically makes you ease at yourself, which reflects in your style. You don’t really mind if your hairstyle in funky or messed up. Most of the grunge clothing is complemented with the punk hairstyle, which was a parallel sub culture of early 80s. A grunge girl usually has multi-colored hair, wears skimpy dress and lot of accessories on different parts of the body. The nose, ears, chin and waist are pricked with holes for wearing rings. Same goes with the grunge boys. Most of the accessories that denote grunge style are unisex items.

If you are really keen for being a grunge, it is the grunge style that you should carry off with effective ease.


Stand Out from the Regular Custom With Grunge Fashion

A grunge person doesn’t really care for the current fashion trends as he/she has her own standards of fashion. A grunge fashion never really changes and being a grunge you do run into last minute hassles. Fashion is just a style sense that have been popular due to frequency of use. Fashion changes like seasons, and those gritty fashionistas have hard time to keep up with the ever-changing fashion sense. The grunge fashion is the exactly opposite of mainstream fashion sense as it has self-identified style, which remains constant throughout.

If you go for the grunge fashion, you will always stand out from the crowd.


Apart from Just Grunge, It Is The Grunge Attitude Matters

Okay, a lot has been said about grunge stuff. Does being grunge only mean style, clothes and accessories? No, in fact, grunge style is an attitude rather than a style. As already said earlier, one has to be confident about one’s looks and not blame the genetics at all. Believing in one’s worth and not being mocked down by so-called fashion icons is the essence of being a grunge. It’s a not a vagabond or useless life, as perceived by many.

Dictating own terms to life be it clothes, style or anything else is really what it takes to be a grunge. Thus, if you are learning on how to be grunge, search out for some thrift stores in your locality rather than high-brand apparel outlets. Remember, the grunge clothes speak a lot about your grunge personality.


Develop an Outlook That Doesn’t Give a Damn to the World

This is just the summary of entire-write up about grunge style. Just follow your heart and do not give anything that brings you down even a bit of importance, because they don’t deserve it. Focus on doing what you love rather than traditional norms made by societies. For example, if you hate typical ‘9-5’ job, express it to the world and live your own way. The world would call you mad, but so is the world. If one doesn’t follow their dreams just because of societal pressure, they can never understand the actual meaning of being a grunge.



You might find many other ideas on how to be grunge guy or a girl. Living a grunge style doesn’t symbolize being filthy, careless and homeless - as is being viewed in popular culture. Learning how to be grunge can have two extremes: you could either make it to the top grunge style or can go downright messy. However, if you get complete idea on how to be grunge exactly, you can really rock the world. A grunge fashion gone right can gain many admirers as being a grunge also means following your own dreams without caring anything in the world. Although some people may call grunge style is a hippie style, it doesn’t matter to you if you are really a grunge guy/girl.

So what are your thoughts on being a grunge, let’s show the world how to be grunge. In short, how to live life.


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