Couple of eggs per day seems to be a must for many people. Eggs are like superfood because it not only gives a yummy taste, but also can boost our overall health by reducing our risk of having eye problem, heart diseases, and stroke. Besides, boiled eggs can help lose weight because they are low in calories! Now let's find out the nutrition facts of 2 boiled eggs, calories, fats, protein and so on.

2 Boiled Eggs Calories and Other Nutrition Facts

Note: Although 2 boiled eggs calories are not much, they are high in cholesterol, so if you have heart diseases or high cholesterol, limit the amount of eggs you consume.

Tips on Storing Eggs

Eggs are great and knowing the 2 boiled eggs calories can make your meals with egg more nutritional balanced. When you store egg, follow the tips below:

  • Always put your egg in the carton to prevent it from absorbing odors from the fridge through tiny pores on the shell, to remind you of the Best Before Date and to help keep the yolk in center.

  • Store eggs in the main body of your fridge instead of the door to keep them cool all the time.

  • Leftover egg white or yolks should be kept in airtight containers and stored in fridge immediately. Be sure to eat them in 2 days.

  • Once eggs are cooked, they should be put in to fridge in 2 hours and eaten in 1 we

Eggs are great, especially for breakfast. Watch the following video and learn how to tasty egg omelet to perfect your day:


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