The school years are the best years of life. Not because it’s a carefree time in our life but because we have the greatest company by our side: our school friends. You laugh with them, share your first crush, do stupid things together and have a special bond which lasts a lifetime. So, here are some reasons why your school friends are your friends for life.

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You Grew Up Together

Watching movies together, listening to the same type of music, walking in the school hallways, bunking classes together, covering for each other at school and passing on homework were just some of the amusing things you did together. This is what shaped your personality and defines who you are today.


You Can Always Return To Them

You can always come back to your friends and share a laugh about those good old times. Sometimes, due to our hectic lifestyle we forget the old memories. These memories bring back the child in us and insulate us from the negativity.


They Were With You Through Thick And Thin

They were there for you when you were embarrassed by that girl in the eighth standard, they were there for you when you cleared you entrance exams and they will be there to share all the success you achieve in future.


They Never Judge You

You are always comfortable around them and be your real self. You do not have to pretend to be somebody for the fear of being judged.


You Know Each Other Inside Out

In school you had plenty of time to get to know each other and therefore developed a very strong bond with the close group of select friends. This in turn helped you to study and enjoy in a comfortable environment where you could thrive and learn.


You And Your Group Have The Best Reunions

Whenever you meet your group buddies you do not have to make any effort to have a good time. You make jokes about each other, reminisce about the times gone by and share your stories about your cunning boss or that girl who sits in the adjacent cubicle.


You Have Your Secret Customs Which You Celebrate At Every Milestone

Be it the bachelors in Maldives when the first guy in the group gets married or the drinking games when someone gets promoted—these secret customs make your group an exclusive club.


You Know Each Other’s Families And They Treat You Like Their Own

Their parents are like second family to you. They know you and trust you like their own and you families turn to each other for career advice and dinner recipes.


You Have Plenty Of Photos To Reminisce About

Those embarrassing moments on the school trip in Dalhousie or the nostalgic moments at the end of school life, those moments forever captured on film is what you will cherish for the rest of your lives.


They Are Your Support System

They are your personal therapists and you can turn to them for any advice. You know they will help you in your direst of needs and you cannot find someone more patient to hear out your troubles.


They Always Have Stories About Couples And Classmates

This is the best part of having some good school friends because you can share all the gossip about who got married and who got dumped. It just makes for some good company after a stressful day at work.


You Still Have Some Left-Over Stuff Of Your Friends From School

Remember that time when you practically lived in each other’s home? That was the time you left a lot of stuff at each other’s places because you didn’t want to carry them every other time. So if look in your cupboard you can still find some old cassettes and card games.


You Survived School And Those Crazy Math Classes With Them

They know how much you hate math and the tricks you used to survive your board exams. And in turn you also realize that you survived school because of the support you had from your school friends.


They Know All The Secrets And Embarrassing Stories From Your Childhood

And, they know all your secret crushes and embarrassing dates. That time when you had no money to go back home or when you were held up by the police for not carrying a license. They were the ones who came to your rescue and didn’t let the matter reach your parents. And you will be forever grateful to them.

These little things will always keep you together and make sure that you are friends for life. So, if you miss your friends or want to share your stories, then share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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