People like the sight of nightclubs, rooms filled with bustling babes, dance floors resonating with tunes full of bass and dazzling lights making every person look awesome. Oh, the amazing nightclubs. You definitely like going there in the company of your friends to relax and enjoy yourself. Well, different people have different reasons for going to clubs. So what are those reasons exactly?

Why Do People Go to Clubs?


To see top DJs' live

This is not debatable. Top DJs are known for giving you the newest and freshest tunes in town. Humans love music. And nightclubs are the places known to release the latest and hottest music through hired DJs who are committed to entertain the guests and customers. 


To free themselves

Life in your cubicle without letting off steam can be stressful. Lacking chances of mingling with others can be hectic. Your soul needs a freshening up and clubs are the number one destination for anyone who wants to relax. People can go to dance to their favorite music for up to 10 hours to lift their mood and boost their circulation. No one goes to clubs to discuss serious topics like politics and religion. Instead, they visit to unwind.


To enjoy quality music

The sound and fun in clubs cannot be found in your living room with that iPod of yours. Those sound systems in clubs help you understand how your favorite song should really sound like. It never comes out the same way as when listened from your headphones.


To be turned on

All weekends are not meant for general cleaning or participating in charities. There comes a time when getting turned on in a club is the fashion of the day. People take this time to get loose, dance like idiots, get sweaty, allow their jaws to swing and even talk shit to strangers.


To search for someone special

One of the most common answers to the question “Why do people go to clubs?” would be to have sex and/or look for a soulmate. Single men and women go to clubs to try their luck and enjoy the moment. Even people who are already married or are in committed relationships often go to clubs to have some fun. This does not necessarily mean that they want to cheat on their partners, but they may just want to meet someone new with shared interests to enrich their life. 


For social interactions

For many people, going to clubs is their most preferred way of linking up with close allies or coworkers. People in clubs are usually in a partying mood, which relaxes the nerves, makes it comfortable for people to socialize and encourages open communications.

Besides, all those come to clubs, alone or with friends, get the chance to know new people easily because, with the dim light, hot music, tasty drinks and entertaining environment, everyone is willing to talk and have some fun with total strangers.


To dance

A club is the best place to dance and show off skills. There is a variety of music genres either played by your favorite DJ or a live band. Most clubs normally have a preference when it comes to which type of music to play. For example, there are hip pop, country, jazz or blues club. So if you want to do your booty shaking in the dance, do choose clubs that play hip pop music. 


As followers or first-timers

There are many people going to clubs as newbies because of curiosity wanting to know what is really going on in clubs or accompanying others like acting as wingman or wingwoman. After their first experience, they may choose to continue going there or may resolve never to visit a nightclub ever again. 

Things to Avoid Doing in Clubs


Take pictures

Why do people go to clubs? Obviously, not to take pictures. Actually, it sucks to do that in such a setting. Clubs are normally dark and the flashlight from your camera can be irritating to other people. There is no point of recording the memories while there is an opportunity to do it again and again.


Stand on the stairs

Standing along the stairs can prevent other people from mingling and moving up and down. In that case, you will be a nuisance and some people may become mad at you. In the end, you will ruin your moment at the club. If you have to use the stairs and walk around the bathrooms, keep moving. Don’t obstruct others.


Flag down the bartender

There is no need to show off by yelling at the bartender and wagging your money to the one pouring your drink. Everybody, including the bartender and those waiting for their drinks around you, at the club is as important as you. In that case, it is important to keep your cool and do your thing without interfering with others' business. The bartender will attend to you even without calling.


Ignore the bathroom attendant

Don’t get into the way of the bathroom attendant. They may at times be annoying but they are doing a hard job, watching drunk people peeing, pooping, and even vomiting, seeing a bunch of women with blurred makeup spraying perfumes and applying lipstick, and cleaning the mess everybody leaves behind. So, on a kind note, you should consider tipping them as they help making your time at the club comfortable. Or at least, be nice to them, like giving big smiles.


Dance on a banquette

Why do people go to clubs? To dance but never pretend to be Paris Hilton. It is pointless to go out seeking attention at the club by doing this. No one is interested and worse than that, you may look like an idiot who does not go out. In the worst scenario, you may fall off, break your heel or show your panties to the public and get embarrassed.


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