Are you wondering why your dates never translate into a relationship? You probably look better than most of your friends and have a decent job. However, you spend most of your weekends alone or with blind dates. You keep asking yourself, "Why can’t I get a girlfriend?" Some of the possible reasons are discussed below.

Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend?


You are searching in the wrong places

Man looks for girlfriend in clubs and bars. It is possible to find a girlfriend in a bar but you must be charismatic, have outstanding bantering skills, and, most importantly, must be very handsome. You will face high competition from other men. The ratio of men to women in bars does not favor you either. In addition, women are aware that men prowl in such places and hence they keep their guard up.


You are attracted to the wrong type of girl

You probably want to date a high-maintenance girl with good outfits, manicured nails, and well-set hair. High-maintenance girls work hard to look good and for a reason. The good look is part of the competition strategy that enables them to win high-value male partners. Forget about dating such a girl if you cannot put the same effort in looking good and working hard. Besides, you may end up in a narcissistic relationship. Look for a girl who has the same life goals and interests as you.


You are a “nice” guy

“Nice guys” will do anything to please women and get their approval. They are willing to do anything to please others even at their expense. Prioritizing other people’s needs over your own will lead to problems. You cannot make anyone else happy if you can't make yourself happy. What's more, the nice guy syndrome is associated with resentment and self-loathing. Women will not respect you if you have this syndrome. So focus on satisfying your needs and making yourself happy.


You come off as boring

If you are asking, Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” you probably are boring to women. Women want men to sweep them off their feet and occupy their thoughts all the time. You come off as boring when you are unwilling to try anything new, are predictable, have no hobbies, and complain all the time. Talking about things that interest you alone and being overly serious or uptight are signs that you are boring.


You do not care about your looks

Looks matter to women even if they do not appear on top of their lists. And women want to date healthy and well-groomed men. So consider joining a gym and shedding off excess weight. Besides, go for a decent haircut, cut your nails, and trim your pubes when going on a date. Shop for well-fitting clothes and avoid wearing oversized clothes. Ask for help when shopping if necessary. Learn how to dress casually in the right way.


You have no money and show no potential

Women are attracted to men who have lots of money. However, you do not need lots of money to attract women. Women fall for men who have potential and ambition and lead a healthy and comfortable life. You need security money or enough money to live a comfortable life, paying for a good meal, flights on weekends, and a taxi ride home. You do not show any potential when you spend your money on drugs or cannot afford your rent.


You give extravagant gifts too soon

Do not go overboard with gifts until you build a steady relationship. Avoid extravagant gifts on the first few dates and over-the-top gestures such as giving an exotic orchid arrangement or a diamond brooch. Such gestures are embarrassing and make a woman doubt your intentions. It may seem like you are trying to buy her affection. Your gifts in the first dates should communicate your thoughts and not show off your wealth.


You only talk about yourself

Talking about your future ambitions and achievements all the time is boring. If you are wondering, Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” try putting a girl ahead of you occasionally. Talk about her friends, past vacations or her favorite pastimes. Resist the temptation to admire yourself every time you pass a mirror or a polished plate surface. Loving yourself is okay but your self-obsession and vanity will put off your date.


You check other girls on your dates

Many men do not manage to get a girlfriend despite being eligible because they keep checking other women. Taking a girl out on a date is an indication that you want to give her your time and attention. A girl will change her mind about being your girlfriend if you are distracted when on a date or keep ogling at other women in the restaurant or pub.


You get too close too soon

Women prefer to get intimate after they are sure about a man. A girl will not accept a man as a potential partner if he attempts to get physical before she gives a hint. Some of the common mistakes that men make include kissing, holding her waist or hand, and brushing against her repeatedly without an invitation to do so.


You come off as needy and desperate

Women can tell a man who is confident and doing well. They can spot losers from far. You cannot get a girlfriend if you appear desperate and needy. Every girl wants to date a secure and confident guy and stays away from needy, insecure little boys. Do not worry about being rejected. Have confidence and put yourself out there.


Going Dutch on the first date

Are you wondering, “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” and still insist on going Dutch? You must know that it is a privilege for a man to pay the bill on the first date even if the girl offers to pay. You are not just following social conventions but showing your generosity and ability to provide for her. If you insist on her paying for her expensive ice cream, chances are that you will never see her again.


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