We all have days that don’t feel good. At times, we find giving very emotional and hostile answers to questions from people. When you find yourself in such a situation, you may ask: Why am I so emotional? 

There is always a reason why you behave that way. The only issue is that, you may not be aware of it. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor your body both physically and emotionally, which is known as emotional intelligence. It is very important to comprehend how you are feeling and the reason behind it in order to be able to control your emotions.

Why Am I So Emotional?



Why do i cry all the time? Well, stress can show up in different ways. On physical grounds, it can manifest through tense shoulder muscles and headaches. Stress can also manifest emotionally through anger, anxiety and sadness. You may not know how to handle such a condition. Stressful conditions may be a result of work, more children than you can provide for, a grieving incident or similar-like events.

TreatmentThe first step towards the treatment of such a situation is by identifying the sources causing stress in life. Make sure it does not overtake you. If they are multiple, rank them and study how to deal with them by taking exercises regularly, taking deep breath, and avoiding stressful activities. Managing stress is very useful in determining how you will respond to other people.


Hormonal Imbalances

You will often hear people ask: why am I so emotional? As we age, our bodies go through various changes such as those of hormones leading to certain imbalances. Hormonal imbalances can be caused by pregnancy and a decline in estrogen. For men, changes in testosterone levels too disturb their moods.

Treatment: Establish whether hormonal imbalances are influencing your moods through testing. The physical and emotional side effects of using contraceptive pills are usually common, though they vary amongst women. If it is mandatory for you to carry on with hormonal birth control, maintain a daily log of side effects.


Lack of Sleep

Staying awake up to late night could negatively affect your body’s normal functioning. Additionally, the lack of sleep can lead to a feeling of irritation. A series of nights without sleep leads to very harmful issues that include stroke or heart attack.

Treatment: A lack of sleep when you are required to can be harmful and needs to be addressed through proper preparation for sleep and creating quality time for the same every day. Getting enough sleep for adults would require them to sleep for a recommended number of about 7-9 hours. This will enhance your health, emotions and mood.


Poor Eating Habits

There are certain foods that can affect your moods. A sweet bite of a chocolate piece can end up in a rush of both sugar and endorphins. The body can give rewards through the pleasure center of the brain when foods that make it develop good feelings are taken. In a similar way, eating foods which really taste bad can make you feel otherwise.

Treatment: Make sure you eat good foods during the day. Don’t miss breakfast and always look out for good meals. Take care of your body by making sure you take the right meals without skipping for whatever reason.



Depression is of different kinds. Sometimes, you may not realize that you are undergoing depression. Many people with clinical depression have never been able to seek treatment because of the lack of stress knowledge. Some people may make an effort to medicate themselves with alcohol and other drugs, causing more problems than before.

Treatment: If you are suspicious of your depression condition, don’t assume it or try to become rigid concerning the case. Get specialized diagnosis.



If you have problems with your partner, you are most likely going to transfer the same to your other acquaintances. It doesn’t matter how small they are. When you let these little things affect you, they will land you into a huge mess by affecting your moods and behavior towards other people.

Treatment: You need to understand that relationships are not easy and that you cannot please everybody. No matter the good you will do, not all people will accept you. Therefore, learn to keep yourself calm and collected and don’t expect too much from people. Otherwise, you will continue arguing with them.


Lack of Direction

We can be frustrated when we don’t have any life goals and objectives. Such a life is very frustrating and meaningless. A person without an idea of what to pursue in life will often be emotional about the situation.

Treatment: The only way to come out of such a situation is to look out for somebody who is inspiring, study their life and see how they made it. You will be surprised about the challenges they went through, some of which could be worse than you are in. Get to do something you love for a living and your life will change positively.

Guides to Manage Your Emotions


Manage Your Emotions by Considering Your Actions

Heated emotions always lead to other possible nasty outcomes. These emotions block our future perspective and make us believe that all we have is what we can see at present. That is usually not the case and therefore, we should be careful before taking actions during such times. 

Ask yourself questions about what would happen after the actions you are about to take. What we go through every day is not always about that present moment. It will definitely affect our tomorrow. Learn to put everything into perspective and do not let your emotions dictate and lead you astray. In order to have a rational approach to anything that comes your way, analyze every situation before taking action.


Learn About Yourself

Enhancing your emotional intelligence would require you to know yourself. If you want to be happy, you must understand your levels of emotional tolerance. This knowledge is important to make you aware of the times when you become too emotional and the reason behind that. 

When you experience something that is causing a very strong emotional reaction from you, withdraw from it and ask questions about it. Don’t hide your responses. Accept them and show a sign of the effect they have to you. Be honest with yourself. This will help you manage your emotions effectively. To avoid rationalizing how you feel, you need to be honest in this manner in order to solve the problems that you may have.


Be Determined to Change Your Mood

One of the best ways to deal with your moods regardless of the cause is by being positive about a possibility to change them. Moods are not like weather – they can be changed. We all have power to manage the moods in our lives. 

Emotions are provocative and needs a determined person to handle them. The situation is very tricky and many people give up in fear. They turn to alcohol to steel themselves away from the reality of the things they are going through. Well, you don’t need to do that. There are better ways of dealing with your mood without boosting emotions. Change the subject and do something else to answer your question of: Why am I so emotional?

You may take a test here to see how emotional you are:



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