I am a 21 year old male, who is experiencing white spots on my testicles. They appear as small spots and are in same condition from past few years. These spots also appear on the penis along with the balls for which I feel embarrassed to visit my general practitioner. If this sounds familiar to you, then you would like to keep reading on. 

White Spots on Testicles: What Are They?


They Might Be Pilar Cysts

When a person comes to visit a healthcare provider with complaints of white spots on penis and scrotum, then the most probable is presence of cysts over the sebaceous glands that are located in the penile region, a condition also termed as pilar cysts. Many men avoid developing sexual relationships with their partners due to embarrassment of disclosing these spots. This condition is fairly common in males and causes a lot of emotional and psychological discomfort since most males feel reluctant to see a doctor for consultation.

The condition can develop in any male regardless of the age, but it has been observed that most cases are reported in young males. Although these spots do not cause any harm to body but can develop hesitation and embarrassment in males that may alter the quality of sexual relationships.


How They Appear

  • These spots appear as white or cream in color.

  • They are usually domes like structures - smooth and are present over the dorsal testicular surface.

  • The size of these spots may vary from small to large.

  • The spots are filled with a combination of breakdown products of sebum and skin keratin tissues.

  • White spots over the ball sack are not contagious and cannot be transmitted from one person to another via physical or sexual contact.


What to Do About White Spots

  • If a person is experiencing these cream or white spots over his balls or penis then he must immediately consult his health care provider - either male or female physician without any embarrassment.

  • If the spots are small and are not causing any problem, most healthcare providers advise to leave them untreated. However, if the spots are large or causing any type of emotional or sexual discomfort, then their removal is advised.

  • The removal of large spots is done after administration of local anesthesia via a small, micro-invasive procedure.


Tips That May Help

  • Try not to touch the white spots on the testicles again and again. The spots do not cause any pain or harm to the body, so it is recommended to leave them alone.

  • Try not to wear undergarments made of synthetic fiber or tight, fitting type of undergarments. This is mainly because constant rubbing or irritation may trigger agitation or local inflammation.

  • Properly dry off the genitals and scrotum after washing and try to maintain optimal hygienic conditions to minimize the risk of infections.

  • Try to not to share personal use products or clothing such as towels or clothes, etc.

  • Do not shave pubic hair closer to the scrotum, as risk of folliculitis increases several folds.

  • It is highly recommended to practice safe sex in order to minimize the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Use an anti-bacterial agent twice a day to clean the area such as benzyl peroxide. This helps in minimizing the risk of developing infections.

  • Tea tree oil can be applied over the affected region as it possesses excellent anti-bacterial properties that help in controlling the spread of these spots.

White Spots on Testicles: Other Possibilities



  • Folliculitis is the inflammation of hair follicles which may be due to gram positive bacteria S. aureus or due to transmission of bacteria during hair plucking while shaving.

  • White pimples appear in this condition, causing itching initially. If left poorly managed, these spots may worsen into bigger lesions to cause pain along with redness.

  • Folliculitis usually resolves on its own if proper hygiene is maintained. Application of warm compresses is effective in order to relieve pain due to folliculitis.

  • In severe cases, if the pain and redness does not resolve, antibiotic therapy is usually needed.


Fordyce Spots

  • Under normal circumstances, the sebaceous glands which secrete oil (also termed as sebum) are required to keep the skin layers smooth and well lubricated. These oil secreting glands are not considered a pathological condition.

  • Fordyce spots appear as white bumps over the scrotum. They are small spots usually restricted to one area only and do not causes any pain.



  • Pimples are small and firm structures and can show as white spots on testicles, which do not cause any complication unless they are infected.

  • No specific medical treatment is required for pimples, they usually resolve after proper cleaning of the area. In case they are infected then appropriate medical treatment through application of local antibiotic cream is needed to resolve the symptoms.


Herpes Infection

  • Herpes infection is the result of infection with herpes virus after having intercourse with an infected partner. It is a painful condition that presents with warts over scrotum and genitals.

  • The warts or lesions that appear in herpes have the tendency to spread to the surrounding non-infected regions of the body.


Jock itch

  • Jock itch is characterized by a fungal infection in which small bumps appear over the ball sack.

  • The pinpointed bumps are extremely itchy and if left untreated it may develop into a jock itch rash.


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