When you think of prime places to pick up women, coffee shops, shopping malls and bars click on your mind first. Well, it is true that you can meet women in these places but they are not the only places to visit if you are on such a mission. There are many other great places that you have possibly not considered to go and meet up with women. So, what are some of the places in your list that have been your favorite destination to meet women? And if you want to check out for more to increase your chances, here are places on our list to pick up a woman of your own choice.

Where to Pick Up Chicks



Some people believe that the DMV is a prime place to meet women due to the overwhelming frustrations in such an environment, because you both may get perturbed by the incompetence of the DMV employees. In such a moment, you two have a bothering situation to relate with and there is no better way to bond than by talking and complaining about the same problem you get. Definitely, as a rule when approaching any woman, you need to tread carefully and behave like an educated man to increase your chances of getting a positive response.


An Airplane

Imagine sited next to a cute lady during a flight that will take you several hours to reach your destination. This is an opportunity for you to score a date since she will be there with you all this while. She gets nowhere to run to. You can start making your moves by offering a tasty snack to her that can be a good alternative to those offered on the plane. Talk about something interesting to attract her attention. And take care of her, like asking her if she needs extra blanket or another cup of water. No matter what you do, you should make sure that you do not come off as being rude and too enthusiastic. 


Department Stores

Where can I pick up a lady? Well, the department store is one of the options for you, especially if the store serves both genders. For example, the dressing rooms are the ideal areas to meet a cute lady. The idea here is never to lurk around the rooms but to step out of a dressing room dressed in something that highlights the best features of your body. Find the girl you want to talk to in this outfit, and start off the conversation by, like, asking her view about the clothes you're trying.


Sporting Activities

Wanna know more about where to pick up chicks? Well, a sporting event is another perfect place for you. And it will be a big plus if you support her team. You can invite her over for a certain sporting event. Several high-fives and a well-calculated victory embrace will get rid of any physical and figurative barriers. Keep hoping that her team wins in the end; otherwise, she may see you as a bad luck charm.


Health Centers

An ailing person can easily win the sympathy of a fellow patient. However, you need a conceivable story about saving a drowning puppy or an elderly person rather than admitting that you injured yourself while repairing your Real Doll. The patients are not the only targets here, the supportive friends and family of the ailing people, the doctors and nurses can all be your options. The E.R. is ever busy and open. So, try your luck there.


Home Depot

Any single lady entering into the biggest Man Cave in the universe is definitely endeavoring to take a man home. If not, there is a high chance for that woman to meet a man. So look out for women in areas with things that most women do not exactly how to use like power tools. If a woman comes to you and asks which driver to buy, chip in and in the end, you can even offer to prove your personal drilling skills to her. 

Or better, you can hang out in areas like paint section. Give ladies suggestions on which brand of paint to buy and which color to go with the style of her bedroom. If you play your card right, you may be good luck enough to have a dinner together and get a glimpse of her home. Then who knows what will happen later, right?



It is not being insensitive to pick up a woman at a funeral. Remember that women connect well emotionally which plays a great role in winning them over. Try to sob while giving out your heartfelt story concerning the deceased. Your tears will be of great help in soothing her heart. Approach her with caution after making sure that she doesn’t belong to the immediate family of the deceased.


Wine Tasting Functions

This is a great place if you are wondering where to pick up chicks. Unlike bars, it is a classier atmosphere with high caliber sort of women. The attention of these women can only be won through good conversations, good taste and good manners. Therefore, make your dialogue witty and chitchat with her. It will be good for you.

You should do your homework to learn one thing or two about the event and the wines there, so you can have something to talk about with others especially the ladies. Or you can go there as a newbie and those high educated women will appreciate your attitude and be glad to tell you one thing or two. Take the chance to set a date!


The Dog Park

You probably have seen many charming ladies while driving by a dog park. Well, this is an opportunity to seize by taking your dog to the park too. Some women will stop and come up to you to admire your dog and that could be very easy for you to reach out to them. You only have to make sure that your dog is clean, lovely, cute or at least not scary.


Art Walks in Major Towns

You will find an art district in almost every major town. On specific nights, an art walk gives life to the place. The galleries end up being the hippest joints in town with bars set up hosting great DJs. Women hop from one gallery to another to enjoy wine and fine art. You too can wander around and make a new female friend. As the art walk comes to a close, nightlife has just begun and you can go with your new girl wherever you two want.


Volunteer Works

A community service activity is a good opportunity for you to meet women. In the course of the activities such as feeding the hungry, there will be a lot of interactions that are necessary for accomplishing this task. You can volunteer in many ways such as coaching a sports team for kids, aiding in building a shelter, or taking part in planting and watering trees. Try them out because there will be a lot of women participating.


Organized Trips

Where to pick up chicks? Organized trips! Women who show up in an organized trip that revolves around a certain hobby are good to get along with. It shows that you both have the same interests and this can easily start things off towards the right direction. For example, during that bird watching or hiking trip, you have a chance to meet a woman in a relaxed and pressure free environment where you two can talk about the nature, plants, birds, how to save energy, what to eat, your favorite restaurant... How natural it is to set a meetup after this trip by asking her to dinner or having another trip in town or out town.


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