Relationships are great. After flirting, conversing, kissing, and texting your way into a long-term relationship, you enjoy loads of benefits including a constant plus one and a best friend. Besides, you have someone to hold your hand, cuddle you, unwind Sunday nights with, and enjoy great sex. But every coin has two sides. What if bitter and sad moments are more than happy moments in your relationship? How do you know when to leave a relationship? This is a hard decision and the contents below can provide you some constructive suggestions.

When to Walk Away from a Relationship


Your feelings have changed

You know how you should feel towards your partner but you do not feel it in your heart. You are stressed and scared that you cannot be warm and affectionate towards your partner like before. Just acknowledge that your feelings have changed and may never go back to what they were before. Waiting longer is unfair to both of you. So, as difficult as it maybe, be honest with your partner about your feelings and pursue your happiness.


Sadness outweighs happiness

It is normal to have ups and downs in a relationship. However, if you are always arguing and fighting especially over petty things, you need to reevaluate your relationship. Do not sit back hoping that things will get better, or your partner will find someone else. If you still feel miserable even after open conversations and other efforts trying to solve the conflicts, be courageous enough to walk away from the relationship.


Goals and values differ greatly

It takes a lifetime to know your partner well but a short time to know his or her morals and values. Different ideas and beliefs make a relationship exciting. However, your differences should not concern important issues such as getting married and starting a family. If your partner waters down such important conservations every time you bring them up, it may be time to walk away.


Your partner just doesn't care

If you are wondering when to walk away from a relationship with an upsetting partner, consider ending it immediately. We all make mistakes but if your partner expects forgiveness for the same mistake all the time, he or she is not the right person for you. You may want to stay and work things out but you will be hurting yourself more. A breakup is painful but it is more painful to be with someone who does not care about your feelings.


You struggle forgiving your partner

If you cannot forgive your partner after doing something wrong, do not force your heart to forgive. Allow time to heal your heart. Look for reasons why you cannot forgive instead of blaming yourself. That person may do not deserve your forgiveness. What's more, forgiveness does not mean that you should get back together. In some situations, people forgive to relieve their hearts of the burden and then move forward with a light pack.


Sex is no longer exciting

Sex is a critical part of a healthy relationship. When sexual needs are not met in a relationship, partners turn to infidelity and resentment. Evaluate the situation and see if you can bring the emotional connection back. Do not act as if it's okay to live a life without satisfying sex.


He is in another relationship

You have had a great relationship until he tells you that he is seeing someone else. He claims that he has been looking for the right moment to tell you about this affair or relationship. Such a man is a player and not worth your time. If he cheats and lies once, he will do it again.


There is violence

When to walk away from a relationship? Immediately, if your partner is physically aggressive. Anger is not an excuse for one partner to hurt the other. A stable, kind, and healthy person should control his or her anger and never lay hands on his or her partner. Do walk away from such toxic relationship.


Your partner walks away in times of conflict

Consider walking away from a partner who leaves the house, leaves the town, or goes to visit a friend after a fight for a long time. Such a person cares more about his or her insecurities than the relationship. Partners should prioritize the relationship over their preferences. Your partner should be available to talk at all times, not just when things favor him or her.


Your partner is struggling with an addiction

Your partner has been solid and great until you find out that he is addicted to a certain drug or alcohol. You need to let him go no matter how hard it is because addiction can destroy everything on the way. Besides, he cannot overcome his addiction magically just due to your relationship. The person should recover for himself and not for you, so do not be tempted to stay and mother him. In such case, supporting him from far is the best strategy.


More tips for you

Here are more tips on when to walk away from a relationship:

  • He makes you feel insecure: It is a good thing to have a partner who inspires you to be better. However, you need to leave one that makes you feel inadequate.

  • Long-term relationship seems impossible: You may not have plans to get married immediately but if you cannot see a future together, you need to end the relationship.

  • You are always thinking about other men: You can experience an occasional crush when in a healthy relationship. However, fantasizing about other men constantly is a sign that you have not found the right one yet. 

  • There is no trust in your relationship: Consider ending your relationship if you always feel the need to monitor his movements or read his texts and emails. And vice versa.


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