So by now we all know that colors play an important psychological role in the minds of people, and we have a LOT of science and studies to back that up. Since time immemorial colors have been used to make statements. Don’t believe this? Look at the royals of the Victorian era. Did they not wear rich colors like violet and red as a display of their wealth and thus, their nobility? Even today, different colors are used to signify different emotions.

What Your Favorite Color Says About You



Blue is the top favorite color of people all across the world. People who like it are generally compassionate beings who are peaceful and non-confrontational in nature, and find solace in spirituality.



A color standing for cleanliness and synonymous with innocence and purity. It shows characteristics like creativity, peace and calm in people who like this color, especially if they are young in age. If older people like white, it may indicate those people tend to have impossible ideals and prefer living a life of perfection. For others, it can be quite the opposite – it reflects their longing for a life full of simplicity and free of complications.



If you like green, then you’re most likely a “healer”. This type of person will not think twice before helping others and they are also good listeners, which makes them wonderful counselors. They are nurturers by choice and don’t be surprised if a lot of these people are environmentalists, animal activists or even vegans.



Want to know what your favorite color says about you if it is maroon? This color is often favored by older people who usually have experienced some very harsh things in their life time, making them stronger and more mature because of those experiences. Such people are generous by nature, and thus popular among their friends and family.



You’re impulsive, ambitious, passionate, maybe even aggressive, and outgoing. You look at things like a glass half full, yet even so you don’t think twice before negatively judging people. Don’t do that. Also, keep your restlessness in check. It will do you no good!



Yes, while the color pink stands for femininity, today that’s nothing more than a sexist notion because girls can have more colors than pink and boys can have pink as their fav color.

If pink is your favorite color, then you are the type of person that needs to be loved in order to feel secure. Such people are gentle in their nature and charming in their behavior. Even so, they like to keep their emotions to themselves and only choose to open up in front of a select few.



You have a strong sense of humor, are wise and imaginative, and often have a clear line of thought. You sometimes daydream about your grand ideas, which in turn lead to you shunning responsibilities. And you can be very shrewd when the situation demands it!



Wondering what your favorite color says about you? If orange is your fav color, then you love the outdoors, especially if that is something to do with nature. Long walks on the beach or a picnic in the woods – both are ideal settings for you. You love being in tune with nature and are probably an animal lover.

What's more, people loving orange are also down to earth by nature and invariably end up rooting for the underdog. They are impulsive and thoughtful, and can’t remain angry for a long period of time, which makes them endearing to their loved ones.



You’re dependable, patient, reliable and kind. And even though you may have a mouth on you, your friends choose to look beyond that because ultimately, you’re a wonderful human being. You usually have to think 1000 times before making important decisions. And you should try to be a little less stubborn, though.



You’re good with business and probably a well-known workaholic in your office. If you’re a young person, then you may be withdrawing from life. And if that is true, maybe it’s time for you to seek professional help because at your age, you should be happy and carefree, not burdened with the weight of the world.



Complex, imaginative and original, these people always appear to be cool, no matter how much of an emotional turmoil they have on the inside. They are smart and refined, persevering and stable and can in some cases be labelled as “detached” from reality. Even so, such people know how to charm their way through life and never refuse anybody who needs their help.



Now this is one of those colors that often do NOT pop up as people’s favorite. So if you like this color, know that you’re unique. You love immersing yourself in culture and have a deep affection for the finer things in life. This can reflect in your home decoration and your sense of dressing. For example, you’re always the best dressed person at a party, and your house always receives compliments for how beautiful it looks.



What your favorite color says about you if it happens to be purple? It means you are highly intelligent and witty, and have a never ending desire to always stand out among the crowd. Well, purple also means that you are an unconventional person whether by nature or by inculcation and you love being in positions of authority. On the opposite spectrum, purple is also the color of spirituality, so don’t be surprised if at a later stage in your life, you turn to spirituality to seek answers.



Ah, everybody’s favorite dress color, the little black dress. So what type of a person are you if you like black? Well, you’re elegant and dignified, the type of person who does not believe showing off is becoming of them. They like being perceived as mysterious creatures and revel in people’s apparent confusion about understanding their true motives.


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