You may have had all sorts of drinks throughout your life. However, there has to be a particular one that you fall back on every single time. Your signature drink, just like your hair, is a reflection of you. Imagine a cowboy walking into a bar and asking for a glass of champagne. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, it does seem kind of odd because it’s not what you’d expect from a cowboy. This shows that what you drink can actually affect how you’re perceived. If you’re wondering what your drink says about you, here is an overview of some popular drinks.

What Your Drink Says About You


The Fog Cutter

This is a Tiki drink packed with booze and sugar. The kind of people who drink the Fog Cutter is generally fun and tough. They’re likely to be the center of attraction at any party and often have people congregate around them.


Whiskey or Bourbon Straight

Anyone ordering this drink is definitely a big boy/girl. A kid cannot order MacAllen! If they order whiskey straight and go ahead to specify the brand, they know what they are saying.


Tequila Straight

You cannot compare those who drink tequila straight to those who take tequila shots! They can hang out with the whiskey guys – yap, they’re tough and ambitious. They also know how to have fun.


Vodka Cran

Are you wondering what your drink says about you? Most people believe that either women or gays drink vodka soda or vodka cranberry. It’s a stupid misconception. The truth is, a guy who orders vodka soda is probably adventurous and bold enough to challenge the status quo. He is probably dynamic and more interesting than the Heineken-drinking guy. He is cool.



Festive people will ask for a margarita. They enjoy the night but are not looking to get drunk and block out like the person ordering tequila shots. They are good for a short–term thing, having fun and partying all night – nothing serious.



Everyone enjoys the company of a wine drinker. If you’re hanging out with someone who drinks wine, they are probably sweet, bubbly and generous with compliments. The thing about wine is that it always comes off as classy even when being drunk straight out of the bottle.


Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are those who are caught up in purgatory between drinking juice and liquor/beer. On a night out, they’re probably holding a glass of juice with 5% alcohol. They get high pretty fast and will be pouring their hearts out to you within a few minutes.



Whether it is a high flying Wall Street lawyer or a grandmother, a gin person is always classy. They love their martini and love unwinding with a glass of gin and tonic after a long day.



A person who orders beer is definitely not looking to get drunk. They are either at the tail end of their cash or are already drunk and just want to keep going all day.



Rum is best described as spring break in a bottle. You’ll do things you wouldn’t normally do, you’ll find sand in places it shouldn’t be, and you'll be filled with regret and probably shame. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment due to its delicious flavor and alluring bottle.



Want to look rich and affluent? This is the drink for you. People who drink champagne normally hang out in the VIP of an elite club or are on a vacation in some exotic island. Champagne is simply affluence in a bottle.


Malibu and Diet, Amaretto Sour

This is a classic case of someone who wants to enjoy their night and wake up in their bed without regrets or a hairy giant next to them. People who drink this typically go light on the alcohol and still have fun.


Jack and Coke

A woman ordering Jack and Coke sounds nice and cute in the beginning. But once the whiskey gets to her, even the voice will change to “Jaaak and Coooooke”!


White Zinfandel

Someone who orders a White Zinfandel is probably a plain Jane who just wants to drink something. It is not liquor, beer or wine. The good news is every other bar has it!



Do you want to know what your drink says about you? Well, a glass of Chardonnay probably means you’re a sweet tooth and want to remain dignified and respectful.


Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light

This person can be friends with anyone easily. These are the girls guys like. If possible, guys, marry one.


Spotted Cow (Made in New Glarus, Wisconsin)

This is a person who is willing to try out new things. Their willingness to get new experiences will compel them to order the locally made beer.



This is without a doubt a great choice of drink. The person holding this drink in a bar is probably a vodka or whiskey drinker trying to pass off as a beer drinker. If it’s a girl, you probably don’t want to introduce her to your mother. She’s trouble.


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