Now this may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but there are dos and don’ts when it comes to what to wear to your gym. I mean yes, you can show off your body or your great sense of style, but if your clothes are coming in the way of your workout, then you really need to shake your gym wardrobe up and wear more appropriate clothes. Also, don’t forget – your main aim is to be a healthier you. What people think of you is secondary – what you do to your body takes first priority.

What to Wear to the Gym

Please know that the following points aren’t optional but mandatory when it comes to your gym clothes.


If you’re wearing lacy bras to the gym, I have one question for you – are you off your mind? Why would you wear something so flimsy to a place where you need to focus more on support than appearances? Not to mention the fact that literally nobody will get a peek at your bra.

Sports bras are your best bet here. And if you think the only ones available are the extra tight and thick material ones, you’re wrong. There are many sizes and materials available, depending on a person’s comfort level. They all aim to keep your breasts in place as well as allow your skin to breathe during workouts.



Yoga pants aren’t compulsory to wear to the gym, ladies. Nor is there any special need to match them with your tops. Loose pants are the best, because they allow your legs to move freely as well as letting the air flow smoothly inside your pants. Sweating will thus be minimal. You can opt for biking shorts, but make sure the material is stretchable and lets your skin breathe.


Shirts and tops

It’s always advisable to not wear long sleeved shirts to the gym, and it’s also advised not to go the opposite extreme – wearing bras or those “shirts” that show off more of your muscles than covering them. Most gyms do not allow women to wear tops that show off a lot of cleavage and men to wear shirts that are just for namesake. This is a very important point to keep in mind when focusing on what to wear to the gym.

Besides, the fabric should be light and stretchable, and preferably have a high percentage of organic material like cotton in it. You should be able to move freely and your skin should be able to breathe. Avoid synthetic clothes that stick to your body when you sweat.


Carry a towel

Not strictly a part of what to wear to the gym, but it’s a necessity nonetheless. Always keep a small towel by your side when working out, and another one in your gym bag if you’re in the habit of taking showers or a sauna bath after your workout. Even if your gym allows you the option of using their towels, be safe and use the one that you bring from home. As for the towel from the gym, use it to wipe your sweat from your body, as well as the sweat you leave behind on machines when working out. One very important tip: NEVER share a towel.


Shoes and socks

You can wear both ankle or knee length socks – that boils down to your personal preference. But keep in mind to wear soft and breathable socks. The best place to buy them is sport shops that sell athletic socks, as they are made of materials aimed to convenience your workout sessions.

Besides, your workout shoes should be about 1/2 to 1 full size larger than your everyday shoes to offer space to your toes to push forward. Shoes that are too loose will only come in your way and you may end up having a terrible fall, thus injuring yourself. But sometimes an exact size may not be the best thing to wear, especially when you’re doing a lot of cardio.

What NOT to Wear to the Gym

As I already said, there are certain dos and don’ts of what to wear to the gym. Now that we’ve discussed the dos, it’s now time for the don’ts.

Earphones with loud music

I mean yes, you like pumping up to your fav music at the gym, but apart from hurting your ear drums and facing the possibility of going partially deaf, listening to loud music has other disadvantages. It severely limits your awareness of your surroundings, making you oblivious to what’s going on around you. For example, you may be too busy listening to your music to notice that you’re occupying a bench that someone else needs to workout. And you don’t want your gym buddies to think you’re deliberately ignoring them, do you?



I mean sure, studs are okay, as well as simple bands on your ring fingers. But if you’re wearing a heavy or big sized ring to the gym, it’s going to jut and dig in to your skin when you put your gym gloves on and put pressure on your hands or fingers when working out. Keep this in mind especially if you’re into activities that involve a lot of punching.

Big earrings are a distraction too, as well as necklaces or heavy pendants. They always sway from side to side and can be a cause of distraction especially when doing cardio. Take them off and put them in your gym bag or locker before working out. This is a very important thing to bear in mind when thinking about what to wear to the gym.


Old footwear

Your feet are already the most underappreciated parts of your body. There is no need to go out of your way and abuse them by wearing old footwear to do intensive workouts. First off, your heels need proper arch support which is almost always lacking in old footwear. Second, your shoes’ soles need to be in top notch condition (i.e. not worn out) so that all the deep grooves in it provide you with friction, which stops you from slipping and falling. This is more important if you’re working out on a floor made of tiles than wooden floor boards. Also, a good pair of shoes provides ample support to your knees, which, if you do heavy squats or a lot of spinning, helps avoid knee pain.


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