Hot yoga is basically a combination of postures that are carried out under humid and warm conditions. The sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and are carried out under high temperature, ranging from 30 to 40 °C (88 to102 °F). To be comfortable under such high temperatures, you need to ponder upon what to wear to hot yoga. The high temperature range allows the muscles to stretch deeper than they would normally do, while minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, the high temperature increases the rate of sweating in the body, hence detoxifying the body. Hot yoga sessions mainly comprise of a standing series and a mat series. The standing series focuses on endurance, strength and balance while the mat series focuses on improving flexibility and stretching.

What to Wear to Hot Yoga


Pant for Hot Yoga

Owing to the heat of the room, many people tend to think that small shorts are the ideal option for these sessions. However, the form-fitted Capris are the best suited hot yoga clothes. Sweating, while wearing shorts, makes the legs slippery. This in turn affects arm balances, such as the crow pose. 

While buying pants for hot yoga, you should not focus on the cost. Many of the cheaply priced yoga shorts tend to become translucent when you sweat or bend. You should also get pants of the right size. Additionally, it is also advisable to perform a wide legged stretch before going to the room to ensure that the pants do not have any fault.


Top for Hot Yoga

For hot yoga sessions, a close fitting bra or tank top is always the right option. It is not advisable to wear pure cotton tops to yoga sessions. While the oversized tops will fall forward during downward poses, cotton tops will absorb sweat and become heavy. Some of the recommended hot yoga top fabrics are Nike’s Dri-FIT and Lululemon’s Luon.


Mat and Props for Hot Yoga

You should not purchase a yoga mat solely because of its appearance. Rather, you should also consider its grip, thickness and durability. A towel may be used on the mats to prevent you from slipping after the mat becomes wet from your sweat. As for the blocks, they are supposed to be dense and easy to sanitize using water and tea tree oil. Dense blocks do not absorb sweat and are the preferred option.


Men's Hot Yoga Clothing

Basically, it is optional for men to wear shirts during yoga sessions. As for the shorts, they should fit close to the body. Instead of cotton, hot yoga clothes for men should be made of wicking fabrics. If you have decided to wear running shorts to a hot yoga session, you should as well wear a compression garment under the shorts for increased coverage. You may also wear undies to prevent the testicles from popping out, while wearing running shorts.


Fabric Choice

While selecting the ideal hot yoga clothing, it is advisable to avoid the 100% cotton clothes. These will absorb sweat and become heavy and uncomfortable. In place of cotton, it is advisable to look for the rather lightweight materials containing Spandex. An increasing number of active wear companies today are making use of sweat-wicking fabrics. Such fabrics push the sweat to the surface of the clothing, hence cooling the body. Again, you should also avoid the fleece sweats because they hold moisture and slow you down.


​Jewelry, Hairstyle and Makeup for Hot Yoga

  • You should not bring watches and big jewelry into the yoga room. It is advisable to leave these at home. 

  • If your hair is long, you should pull it back into a braid, ponytail or bun. This is to prevent it from covering the face and distracting you. Alternatively, you may use bandanas and Headbands to keep the flyaways and wispies away from the eyes. 

  • With regards to the makeup, you should not wear anything that will smear, move or melt under the high temperature.


Other Tips on What to Wear to Hot Yoga

  • You are required to get into the hot yoga room on bare feet. You will also be provided with a safe place to put your shoes before going into the room. You may also need to bring an extra set of clothes to change into after the session.

  • You should buy a strap or a yoga bag to carry your yoga mat around and prevent it from unraveling.

  • The mat you are using can get soaked in your sweat and become slippery. As such, you should lay a towel on it to prevent the hands from slipping.

  • You can also use yoga socks to prevent you from slipping on the mat.

What to Do Before, During and After Hot Yoga

Except knowing what to wear to hot yoga, you should also know what preparation you should do before hot yoga, what precaution you should pay attention to during and after hot yoga.

Preparation for Hot Yoga

  • Drink a lot of water to hydrate the body before the session;

  • Wash your face and hair to prevent makeup from running down the face;

  • Eat a snack, including a fruit, an hour prior to the session to boost your energy levels;

  • To have fun during the session, you may bring  a friend along.


When Doing Hot Yoga

  • Stay close to the door during the session because it is cooler;

  • Breathe deeper during the session for stronger poses;

  • Remain focused throughout the session;

  • Pay a close attention to what the body is telling you;

  • You need to go easy on the hot yoga session. 


After Hot Yoga

  • After the class, take time to shower, preferably using luke warm water;

  • Refresh the body with your preferred drink, such as coconut water to replenish the lost water.

  • Take water in sips, rather than in big gulps.
  • Hot yoga classes are offered at various levels; allow yourself time to advance from the beginner level to the experienced level.
  • Try to focus on your inner self, rather than doing what others are doing.
  • After getting into the room, allow yourself 5 minutes to get accustomed to breathing under the changed conditions.
  • Do not be egoistic during the session.
  • Remember to place a towel under your back.

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