Sadness hits each and every person on this planet. If you haven’t yet experienced this emotion, then consider yourself a truly unique individual. For the rest of us, sadness comes in various forms – heartaches, cheating, poor grades, not getting your dream job, being rejected for your skin color – the list is endless. While many of us keep ourselves busy when we’re sad, an equal number of people simply give in to their sadness. This is what brings us to the core of this article.

What to Do When You Are Sad



You can maintain a secret journal or start blogging on a private platform. If you’re brave enough, make your blog public and let people read what you’ve gone through. You’ll be surprised to find how many people across the globe have faced exactly what you have, thus giving you hope!


Listen to music

Not the sad, mopey type. No. Listen to the type of music that can heal your soul and put you in a better mood. Some artists to listen to on YouTube are – Enya, Karunesh, Yanni……


Cuddle with animals

If you have a pet, great! If not, then go to the local animal shelter and spend some time with those beautiful animals. Dogs especially make humans happy, so go ahead and play with them.


Go for a walk

Duh! All that negative energy in your bedroom gets to you, which is why a change of location can prove to be very therapeutic. A walk refreshes your mind, body and soul.


Do a detox

When your body’s sick, your mind is sick and vice versa. How about giving your body a jolt of freshness? If you feel good physically, you will automatically feel good mentally. There are dozens of detox drinks that you can make easily at home. So if you’re thinking about what to do when you are sad, go ahead and detox your body!


Clean your home

Finish all those chores you’ve been putting off for a while. Fix those broken windows and go buy some new cutlery. Just any excuse to get your butt off your bed!


Help others

Volunteer at your local animal shelters, homeless shelters or associate yourself with any cause you believe in. If you can’t help yourself, the least you can help someone who needs your help, right?


Watch your fav TV series again

There’s no better way to while away your time than to watch and re-watch your favourite TV series. Not only the plot, familiar characters and the music but also the memories you have with those TV series will make these moments really pleasant.


Sing like an idiot

It doesn’t matter if you can really sing or not. What matters is that you try. Pump up your music system to your favourite songs and sing along to them. Sing loudly and off-key – it doesn’t matter! Either way, it’s going to make you very happy very quickly!


Start a creative project

Paint your room, start gardening, make a tool box from scratch or learn to play the guitar – the options are endless. Get your creative juices flowing by trying to accomplish a new task or learning a new talent. It’s a great way of passing your time while you’re wondering what to do when you are sad.


Reconnect with an old friend

Because, why not? You don’t have anything to lose, do you?


Open your windows

And let some sunshine come inside. It’s a proven scientific fact that sunrays help lift our moods. Have doubts? Just try and find out!


Practise breathing exercises

Breathing exercise, or pranayama as known back in India, is an excellent way to stabilize an unsteady mind. All you need is a quiet corner in your home, and the will to do these exercises.


Spa time!

Go to Pinterest, get inspired and find the best at-home spa ingredients you need. Then go ahead and indulge yourself! Your body needs rest too, you know. And what is better than pampering it by giving yourself a spa day?


Watch inspirational videos

What to do when you are sad? Head on over to YouTube and subscribe to the TED Talks channel. This channel is full of literally hundreds of inspirational videos from people who live all across the globe, and have faced several hardships to be where they are. So if you think that your life sucks, wait till you watch these videos!



A lot of people are uncomfortable with it, but what’s the harm in crying your eyes out when you’re alone? There’s nobody around to judge you. Crying is almost always very cathartic – it may not improve your situation but it sure as hell feels better when you’re done crying.


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