Boredom is one of the two enemies of happiness, the other one being pain. While to some people boredom can seem like a blessing, especially to those who are constantly in a hurry, after a while the free time becomes pure torture. So, how exactly can you fight the horror of having a lot of time with nothing to do? Here are a few things you can do when bored, both at home and when outside the house:

What to Do When You Are Bored: Things to Do at Home



When you have a lot of time and nothing to do, it is a great time to channel your energy into some creativity. If you have a book or poetry, you would like to write, this is the best time to do so. 


Organize Your Room

When you are busy with work and other things, you hardly get time to clean up your room. Use your free time to tidy it up and make it look nice. Also, this time can be used to clean places that are hard to reach or that would take too much time cleaning. This is one of the ways to feel great about yourself and spend your free time. With a clean room, you can get the energy to do other things. 


Make a Video

When bored, you can decide to use the time to make a video. You can call one of a few friends and ask them to come to your place to make a video. This can be a great way to pass time and create something worth watching. Here are some fun youtube video ideas.


Sing Your Heart Out

Singing can actually be a great way to boost your moods. Even if you have a horrible voice, this should not stop you from signing your lungs out to kill boredom.


Draw or Paint

This is also a great time to paint or draw what you have been planning to for the longest time. Simply get hold of a pen and paper or canvas and paintbrushes and let your imagination take control. You can also make homemade cards for family or friends for an upcoming event.


Make Crafts

This is the best time to learn a new skill. You can teach yourself how to sew or knit or even improve on a skill you already possess. Crafts are fantastic ways of passing time alone or in the company 0f others. You can make it more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite movie.



The best thing about having more than enough time to cook is that you do not realize how fast time has gone by and you get to enjoy some tasty homemade food. This is the time to dust off your cookbook and try out those delicious recipes. 



This is one of the best ways to pass time. You can read a book you have been putting off because of work or you can simply read the latest edition of your favorite magazine. You can pick books from the local library or borrow from friends. 


Enjoy a Relaxing Bath

Most of time, you get into the bathroom in a hurry since you have to be somewhere. When you have nothing to do or nowhere to go, taking a long relaxing bath would be a great idea. You can listen to some soft music and sip on some wine as you enjoy this.


Do Crossword Puzzles

This is a great way to take out hours out of your boring schedule. Puzzles have a funny way of keeping you entertained and occupied for the longest time.

Logic puzzles are also a great way to take out hours of your day. While you cannot do too many of them, a few can go a long way in killing boredom.


Surf the Internet

If you are fortunate enough to have a computer with you, this free time would be perfect for you to surf the internet. This is a great way to stay entertained and learn new things.


Chat with Others

Chatting with other people can be a great way to kill boredom. You can decide to talk to someone new and learn a thing or two about them. This can be a great way to make new friends.



This is a great way to keep your hands and mind occupied. You can even hold doodling contests with your friends or co-workers. This can be a great way to find your creative inner self.


Pretend You Are a Robot

While this may only amuse you for a few minutes, it is bound to leave you in stitches especially when done with friends. You can walk down the street with mechanical movements and make the sound ‘zzzzzzt’, like a robot. 


Do Your Laundry

While this may not seem like much fun, it has to be done. When you are bored, you can do a lot of laundry around the house. The sooner you do this task, the sooner you will have time for more pleasurable activities, and it is a good way of killing boredom.


Build Something

You can build just about anything you put your mind to. You can even build a fort where you can relax and enjoy your own company. Building a fort can be fun and can be done with a few blankets and pillows. 


Get a Makeover

You can copy fashion statements from celebrities from various magazines. This will keep you entertained for a while and thus leave you with lesser time to be bored.


Organize the Garage

Your garage holds a lot of things you probably forgot about. Cleaning out your garage can be a great way to kill boredom and you may come across something that can be of help in some way. 


Video for girls: things to do when you are bored

This video shares exciting things to do when you are bored. All the ideas are fun ideas that can get your mind off the fact that you are bored.


Video for boys: things to do when you are bored

Learn twenty things to do when you are a bored teenage boy. It features some fun things to do with a friend.

What to Do When You Are Bored: Things to Do Outside


Do Sports

This is a great way to kill boredom and get in shape. You can choose to take part in different sporting activities like running, biking, taking walks, hula hoop and yoga among many others. 


Go Biking, Hiking or Drive Somewhere

Going for an adventure can be a great way to kill boredom. You can bike all the way to a new town or city or you can take a bus to a new place. 


Help at the Animal Shelter

Caring for animals in animal shelters is a great way to use your free time. Most animal shelters need volunteers to help in caring for the pets. This is a great way to spend time with animals and it is also a good way to be useful.


Climb Trees

If there was a certain tree you used to climb when you were young, you can try to see whether you can still conquer it.


Wash Your Car

Avoid driving it to the local car wash as this only takes minimal time to do. Instead, wash your own car and take as much time as possible. 


Start a Vegetable Garden

This is probably the most rewarding thing to do when you are bored at home. You get to grow things you will be able to eat in a few months or you can opt to make money from them by selling them.


Camp in The Backyard

You can setup a tent and build a campfire in your backyard. You can even have a few friends over and enjoy hotdogs on a stick together.


Other Great Ideas on What to Do When You Are Bored

  • Wax the ceiling

  • Rearrange political campaign signs

  • Play Houdini with one of your siblings

  • Braid your dog's hair

  • Water your dog...see if he grows

  • Mow your lawn

  • Give your cat a mohawk

  • Play Pat Boone records backwards

  • Boil ice cream

  • Vacuum your carpet

  • Speak in acronyms

  • Run around in squares

  • Drink straight shots...of water

  • Calmly have a nervous breakdown

  • Play tag

  • Write a letter to Plato

  • Take your sofa for a walk

  • Play the piano...with mittens on

  • Sleepwalk without sleeping

  • Ask stupid questions

  • Teach your pet rock to play dead

  • Go bowling for small game


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