Many girls believe that men are only attracted to a nice figure and a pretty face, but this is far from the truth. Physical attractiveness is important but most men value your personality more than your looks. So, what makes a girl attractive? Qualities such as active listening, confidence, generosity, and respect make you attractive. Physical attractiveness and flirting are secondary to men. Here are more things that men find attractive in girls.

What Makes a Girl Attractive?


Being happy

Attractive girls appear happier than regular girls do. They cannot hide their happiness. Attractive women are excited to meet their men and talk about anything. They seem to have a bounce in their steps that never goes away. It is refreshing to be with a happy and fun girl after dealing with boring people at work all day.


Trying to impress a man

Men complain that most girls show up late for every meeting, but bear in mind that girls run late because they want to look their best before you. Some men find the extra effort to impress them attractive and end up trying to impress the girl in return.


Avoiding talking about past relationships

A girl may have many boyfriends before she finally settles for one but no man wants to hear about the exes. Guys would rather pretend that those exes do not exist. A man does not want to imagine that he is the last one to woo a girl.


Allowing the man to take the lead

Some men prefer girls that take the lead. However, the most common answer to "What makes a girl attractive when it comes to leadership in a relationship?" is to let your guy take the lead. A strong yet feminine woman is attractive, but indecisive and weak women are annoying to some men. Always bear in mind an attractive woman compliments her man instead of trying to compete or copy him.


Active listening

Sometimes discussing a problem with a girl is the worst mistake some men make. Some girls advise their men on what to do and then keep nagging them about implementing their advice. An attractive girl listens instead of giving advice. She allows a man to talk about his options, gives some soft but constructive advice and then leaves him to make the best decision without dictating that decision. This makes a man confident about his ability of making good decisions.


Refined stature and attitude

A girl’s stature is the most important thing to some men. A man may fall in love with you because of the way you present yourself. Men are attractive to women whose poise and attitude shows that they are confident, gentle or lovely.


Fluent speech

The way you speak says a lot about you. Men are willing to listen to a girl with a fluent speech that flows easily for hours. The speech is even better when combined with a foreign accent.


A brilliant mind

Men find educated women attractive because it is easier to have intelligent conversations with them and make the conversation flow. A brilliant woman knows when to talk and when to leave her man alone, knows exactly what to say in any circumstances, and knows what her man means without him actually talking.


Dressing like a man

Some men give a surprising answer when asked, “What makes a girl attractive?” Men are attracted to boyishness. This does not mean that women should forget about their makeup or dresses. Men like women who can be boyish and feminine at the same time. They are attracted to women who will occasionally wear baggy pants, cross their legs, and enjoy the company of men.


Being an elf

Society has a series of rules to dictate how to act like a lady, but men love it when a woman breaks the set expectations. So girls, just relax, let your hair down, get barefooted, let your makeup blur and allow your heels to get dirty. Jump here and there, feel comfortable and don't be afraid of being fun and down to the earth. 



Many men find a confident girl very attractive. The way you behave around a man and the way you talk to him play a big role in winning his heart.



A girl that respects herself is attractive. Men will not respect or value you if you do not respect yourself. If you try all means to get a man’s attention without self-respect, he will ignore you because you seem too easy to get. Worse still, he may ask you to introduce him to your friend who is not trying too hard to get him.


Showing a bit of skin

If you want to show a bit of bare skin, always remember that less is more. Men are turned off when you show too much skin. However, a sneaky peek makes men go crazy and trigger their curiosity to know you better and see more.


A gentle and seductive voice

What makes a girl attractive? A soft and seductive voice is on top of the list, which is a big turn on for many men. You do not need elocution classes for this. You just need to control your voice when you speak.


Laugh and smile

A warm smile lights up a man’s mind. Men are easily attracted to sweet smiles and feminine laughters. Learn to be cheerful and smile as often as you can if you want to be attractive to men.


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