If you like loud, and “loud” here means ”speakers bursting to the extent they might explode” kind-of-loud music, with an environment where most of the people are getting hung over with no idea what’s happening around them, this may be just right for you. Here in this article, you can learn what is a frat party and tips on going to frat parties. 

Part 1: Definition of Frat Party

What is a frat party? A fraternity party, mostly known as frat parties, are ideal for students in college to meet new people and have fun. Fraternities are houses where a bunch of male college-students live, so a frat party is a party thrown by a fraternity. Sometimes a fraternity organizes a frat party to raise funds, but other times frat parties are simply a way to network and meet new people. Normally, a frat party is similar to an open house with music, alcohol, and young people. 

Commonly, the older and more established frat parties don’t choose anyone to join. Which means, you must have membership beforehand or you’re out of the “cool friends” circle. 

Try to have some fun and, instead of behaving like animals, loosen up a bit, dance the night away, and remember having a good time in the end.

Part 2: A Freshman Girl's Guide to Frat Parties

In order to savor the freshmen experiences to the maximum, it’s important to take heed of the following tips. Surely, you wouldn’t appreciate being spotted right on as soon as you enter, giving clear signals that you are the new freshman in the house, otherwise known an amateur with little backup techniques to stay cool.

Know the Right Frat House

As a side note, you will come across many fraternities taking the names of Greek letters. For instance, Alpha-Beta-Gamma. Some will be hard to pronounce and you will come across people who won’t bat an eye if you are not familiar with the fraternity’s nickname or are unable to differentiate between similar parties in terms of their names. On the other hand, names such as Sigma Chi are pronounced as “Sigme Kye,” and having the nickname of Sig Ep. Therefore, asking the difference of Chi Phi, Psi U, Chi Psi and Phi Psi is the wisest move you can make before actually getting there to avoiding making a total fool out of yourself. 


When to Arrive

What is a frat party? When to arrive one? There are always those people who are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. Make sure you don’t fit in either category; let’s leave the punctual arriving for school. Remember, show up roughly an hour into the party and stay afterwards for about two hours. Who wants to miss out on the after-party anyways? 


What to Wear

Themes are meant to be followed, but try not to go overboard. Although it’s probably true you are still trying to find your way into the campus, avoid giving the impression of a “disoriented freshman” with an ID hanging from your lanyard with a map in your hand. Instead, try going casual. For example, if it’s an 80s themed party, rock it with a bright eye-catching shirt. When people try too hard to be the next “best dressed” at a party, they forget that the show must go on from one place to the next.


What to Bring

Since frat bathrooms are the last place you want to ever witness in your life, make sure you carry tissues, a hand sanitizer, and emergency tampons in your purse. On the other hand, there is always a cleaner and more sanitary bathroom available for frequent attendees and often reserved for girlfriends; just in case, however, it’s better to come prepared. 


Who to Go With

It is always safer to go in pairs, instead of larger groups of people. Try sticking with girls since guys are mostly in the hunt of meeting new girls, so they won’t keep you much company. Secondly, don’t leave without noticing your friends about who you’re going with. Also, meeting new people, especially guys, with a wing-woman is quite common. This way, guys will be more comfortable talking to you, as opposed to sending mixed signals across the room, which can complicate things by a whole lot. 


Stick to The Rules

  • Do not draw attention towards yourself in case the cops show up. Just casually leave, but don’t ever run away.

  • Make sure you have a designated walker (DW). This should be one of the more responsible ones in the group that will, by all means, prove reliable in taking care of those too drunk to get home alone safely.

  • Do not get caught while flirting or crossing your limits with a multitude of people. You don’t want a bad reputation, particularly on your freshman year profile.

  • Know the house rules for flip cup and beer pong.

  • Be very selective about who you share your number with. You don’t want to receive calls the next day from the guy you met on a staircase.

  • Have a good time on your party-filled, curfew-less nights!


Safety Issues

Going alone is never a good option in case you need looking after, the most bizarre cases are found in college parties and make headlines in the next morning’s newspaper. Similarly, do not go wandering around the rooms unless you are comfortable with the person you are walking with and unless your friends are aware of where you have gone. It’s best to avoid drinking anything off the table; certain mystery drinks are dangerous, which is why it’s good to have company to watch out for you at all times as well. Everything you eat or request for is fully of your own responsibility that night. 


More Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Nobody looks at your feet while dancing anyway.

  • Be smart about the people you befriend there.

  • Do not create a scene or overreact if someone wants to push your buttons. Simply walk away from the situation and have a good time.

  • Have a guy friend. It could be a best friend, a brother, a best friend’s boyfriend, or a family friend, who can ease your way to the party and treat you well by introducing you to the frat friends and genuinely caring for your well-being.

  • It’s a nice trick to try and be nice to upperclassmen girls since they know all the insides about the popular and the not-so-popular. In the end, it’s all about cleverly increasing contacts.

What is a frat party? What should I know? Watch the following video where a girl shares her own experience to learn more:


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